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FC AFC Odysseys Charismatic

AKC Number SR43343302
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) C Parietti/J Parietti
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GSP Club of America2012-05-05 NAGDC 3 37Tim CarwileJoseph Vicari
Heart of America GSP Club2012-03-30 AGD 2 15Mike SodiniAllison Bell
Sunflower GSP Club2012-03-16 AGD 2 13Arthur ArmbrustTimothy Hidalgo
Show Me Vizsla Club2012-02-25 AGD 3 17Howard BurbachBurnie Stokes
Heart of America GSP Club2011-10-03 AGD 4 18Kendall BrownEdward Myers
GSP Club of Nebraska2011-05-13 AGD 3 19James DemarcoTimothy Heiner
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2011-04-29 AGD 1 19Tony McgraneDavid Bartlett
GSP Club of Lincoln2011-03-12 AGD 3 6Joe FingerlinRobert Koser
Sunflower GSP Club2011-02-19 AGD 2 11John TillerJay Schroeder
GSP Club of Nebraska2010-09-23 ALGD 1 13Stephen HetmanekVegas Mathisen
Heart of America GSP Club2010-04-02 OGD 1 19Arnie EversullEdward Myers
Nebraska Vizsla Club2010-03-20 OGD 2 12Joe FingerlinBill Cockrum
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2010-03-06 OGD 2 20David BorgJoe Fingerlin
Show Me Vizsla Club2010-02-27 OGD 2 14John SmallDeborah Fridlund-Lynn
Sunflower GSP Club2010-02-20 OGD 1 18Brad DudgeonJay Schroeder
GSP Club of Lincoln2009-03-07 OD 1 7Stephen HetmanekBruce Bryant
Heart of America GSP Club2009-01-31 AWD 1 7John SmallHeath Kooima
Heart of America GSP Club2008-03-28 AWP 4 12Robert ThompsonJames Burch
Heart of America GSP Club2008-03-28 OP 4 21Randy Neises Sr.James Burch
Show Me Vizsla Club2008-02-23 OP 2 12Howard BurbachDeborah Fridlund-Lynn
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2008-02-16 AWP 4 17Arthur ArmbrustBruce Bryant
Heart of America GSP Club2008-02-02 OP 3 5Mike SodiniTom Amend


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