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GAFC FC AFC Tjust Lucky Three Spot

AKC Number SR42933705
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) B Anderson
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GSP Club of America2016-10-17 NAFC 4 93John RabidouDavid Downing
GSP Club of Colorado2016-05-06 GOLGD 2 14Leonard MoralesGary Fromme
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2015-04-20 GALGD 2 14Duane KirkleyCynthia Findley
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2014-09-25 GALGD 1 29Tom GriffinGary Cowell
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2014-09-18 GALGD 2 25Howard BurbachColin Kennedy
GSP Club of Colorado2014-04-11 GOLGD 4 16Jeffrey WallaceThomas Tubergen
GSP Club of Colorado2013-05-03 ALGD 4 15Ben GarciaJosh Nieman
Lone Star GSP Club2013-01-22 AGD 4 39Mike MartinBlake Biggs
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2012-04-06 OLAA 1 13Timothy HidalgoMary Hidalgo
GSP Club of Colorado2011-10-06 OAA 2 12Eric CookDuane Kirkley
GSP Club of America2011-05-09 OLAA 2 14James DemarcoTimothy Zick
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2011-03-11 AGD 1 17Timothy HidalgoMary Hidalgo
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2011-03-11 OLGD 1 13Scott WilsonRobbie Roy Myers
Texas Panhandle Pointing Breed Dog Club2010-12-10 AGD 2 13Charles RoseLin Kozlowski
Texas Panhandle Pointing Breed Dog Club2010-12-10 OGD 1 13Frank FosterMark Keegan
GSP Club of Colorado2010-10-07 AGD 1 26Arthur ArmbrustG F Henry
GSP Club of Colorado2010-10-07 AAA 2 7Arthur ArmbrustG F Henry
Colorado Pointer Club2010-03-27 AGD 3 16John MorelandJohn Vincze
GSP Club of Colorado2009-10-01 AAA 3 13Rex RobertsGene Wullkotte
GSP Club of Colorado2009-10-01 OGD 2 25Jack BrownGreg Butler
GSP Club of Colorado2009-10-01 AGD 2 19Marc DevosScott Wilson
Mile-High Weimaraner Club2008-03-08 OP 1 10Susan WilliamsJohn Moreland


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