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FC AFC Joker's Jackpot

AKC Number SR43090103
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) S Ralph
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Midwest Brittany Club2015-11-05 OAA 4 35Larry G MeeksGailen Cooper
Hawkeye Brittany Club2015-10-02 OAA 2 41Kendall BrownLarry G Meeks
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2015-04-17 OAA 1 50Jim Douglass JRMark Keegan
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2015-03-20 GALAA 1 15Robert ThompsonLarry G Meeks
Indian Nations Brittany Club2014-10-24 OAA 1 25Wesley FeltMary Karbiner
American Brittany Club, Inc.2014-09-15 GOLAA 4 47Ken SeivertCynthia Findley
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2014-09-12 OAA 4 35Dan VossJeffrey Wallace
Sooner Brittany Club2014-02-28 OAA 3 26Tom MilamAndy Gerdes
American Brittany Club, Inc.2013-11-25 NAFC 4 43Wade HainesJune McConnell
Midwest Brittany Club2013-11-04 OLAA 3 33Brooks CarmichaelMary Karbiner
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2013-09-13 OAA 3 37Skip WonnellCynthia Findley
Hawkeye Brittany Club2013-04-26 OAA 4 29Richard BrewingtonKen Seivert
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2013-04-19 OAA 4 41Jeff HoskinsBruce Bryant
Nebraska Brittany Club2013-04-12 OAA 2 44Wesley FeltKenneth Sanderson
Iowa Brittany Club2013-04-05 AAA 2 16Helen Rogers-RiggleBrian Riggle
Iowa Brittany Club2013-04-05 OAA 1 31Jeff HoskinsSkip Wonnell
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2013-03-22 AAA 2 21Allen GorrowPam Baird
Midwest Brittany Club2012-11-02 OAA 1 37Jack MurphySkip Wonnell
Sooner Brittany Club2012-10-26 OAA 1 47Ben KuykendallCharlie Collier
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2012-10-20 OAA 1 25Jerry McGeeTommy N Thomas
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2012-10-08 OLAA 1 41Howard BurbachKendell Schmidt
Missouri Brittany Club2012-10-04 AAA 1 24Kenneth SandersonJack Murphy
American Brittany Club, Inc.2012-09-17 OLAA 4 52Howard BurbachGarvin Collins
Nebraska Brittany Club2012-09-07 AAA 2 21Don KimbleLarry Loftin
Nebraska Brittany Club2012-09-07 OAA 2 29Mike BoydstonWilliam Burton
Hawkeye Brittany Club2012-04-27 AAA 3 20Charles SchaeferKevin Stonehouse
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2012-04-20 OLAA 1 40Howard BurbachBruce Bryant
Iowa Brittany Club2012-04-06 AAA 1 21Charles SchaeferKendall Brown
Iowa Brittany Club2012-04-06 OAA 4 40Mike LagerMichael Poehler
Lone Star Brittany Club, Inc.2012-02-09 OAA 3 28Ben KuykendallFrank Campbell
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2011-10-10 OLAA 3 26Jim MichaletzGailen Cooper
American Brittany Club, Inc.2011-10-03 OLAA 1 45Larry LoftinWilliam Roussan
Iowa Brittany Club2011-09-24 AAA 1 18Charles SchaeferRichard Brewington
Iowa Brittany Club2011-09-24 OAA 1 51James MillsKen Seivert
Nebraska Brittany Club2011-09-09 OAA 2 37Edward GravesDon Kimble
Midwest Brittany Club2010-11-05 OAA 2 38Brooks CarmichaelMike Martin
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2010-10-15 OLAA 1 26George HillPat Sheehan
American Brittany Club, Inc.2010-03-23 OAA 3 33Peter WilkinMike Martin
American Brittany Club, Inc.2010-02-23 AAA 4 22David CapstickTim Self
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2010-02-19 OAA 2 30Wesley FeltDavid Jones
Iowa Brittany Club2009-04-03 OD 4 18Todd WilliamsBill Cockrum
Midwest Brittany Club2008-11-07 OD 3 17Larry HagedornMike Lager
Neosho Valley Brittany Club2008-10-10 OD 3 12Bruce HeiterDavid Byers
St Croix Valley Brittany Club2008-05-31 OP 1 10Dan VossBecky Voss
North Country Gordon Setter Club of Minnesota2008-04-11 OP 3 12Dan VossBecky Voss
Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2008-03-21 OP 3 17John CrossDavid Byers


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