UCH DC GCH AFC Havapal's Rev Me Up Repeat

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UCH DC GCH AFC Havapal's Rev Me Up Repeat

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR44353307
Owner(s) J Asmus


Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2017-09-16 ALGD 2 7Bill ElliottB Steinmetz
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2015-09-12 OLGD 1 13James BrighamTony Ordonez
Badger Brittany Club2014-06-07 OLGD 4 10Tom JagielskiSam Thompson
Badger Brittany Club2012-09-22 AGD 4 9Greg DixonHarold Heather
Badger Brittany Club2012-09-22 OAA 1 8Dennis PierceJeffrey Stanton
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2012-09-15 AGD 1 6Mark SmithCarly Thompson-Martin
Western Michigan Brittany Club2012-09-01 OGD 4 26Albert Cropek JRDavid A Heavlin
St Croix Valley Brittany Club2012-06-02 OGD 2 22James BrighamRobert Powell
Badger Brittany Club2012-04-20 AAA 1 13Chris SennottSusan Januschka
Badger Brittany Club2012-04-20 OGD 1 20Sam ThompsonTimothy Zick
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2012-04-14 AGD 1 21Paul HowardDouglas Reisner
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2012-04-14 OAA 2 8Paul HowardDouglas Reisner
Iowa Brittany Club2012-03-18 OGD 1 15James MillsJohn Houck
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2012-03-10 ALGD 4 14Joseph Kim MarlattStephen McClure
La Salle Brittany Club2012-01-28 AGD 3 20Chris SennottMichael Mikoff JR
La Salle Brittany Club2012-01-28 OGD 2 16Bill PadovanoMichael Mikoff JR
Illinois Brittany Club2010-04-29 OGD 2 19Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2009-05-09 AWD 1 9Timothy HidalgoDennis Sullivan
Illinois Brittany Club2009-04-30 AWD 2 8Paul KatzelGreg Roe
Illinois Brittany Club2009-04-30 OD 4 5Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2009-04-11 AWD 1 7Cindy McCannG T Burroughs
La Salle Brittany Club2009-01-31 OD 1 9Julie NelsonPaul Katzel
GWP Club of Illinois2008-10-25 AWD 2 8Mark SpurgeonJeff Parise
La Salle Brittany Club2008-10-17 AWD 3 12Eugene SalmonsTimothy W Cummings
La Salle Brittany Club2008-10-17 OD 2 7Kendall BrownHarold Heather
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2008-09-27 OD 1 5James BrighamRobert Schuster
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2008-05-10 AWD 2 6James DemarcoGeorge Mccann
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2008-04-12 OP 1 8Mike WalshHarold Heather
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2008-04-12 OD 3 10Jeff HarkeyCarly Thompson-Martin