FC AFC Boog's Big Bad Bubba

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FC AFC Boog's Big Bad Bubba

AKC Number SN54867502
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) D Hess
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GSP Club of Nebraska2004-09-17 AAA 4 13Arnie EversullG F Henry
Nebraska Vizsla Club2004-03-13 OLGD 4 15Joe FingerlinDavid Bartlett
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2003-10-18 OAA 1 6Joe FingerlinJack Higgins
Heart of America GSP Club2003-09-26 ALGD 2 14Arnie EversullGerald Easum
GSP Club Of Lincoln2003-08-30 ALGD 1 8Randy RathmanJack Higgins
Nebraska Brittany Club2003-04-11 OGD 1 44Lynette BurtonWilliam Burton
Heart of America GSP Club2003-03-28 ALGD 3 18Harlan HigginBothamPeter Wilkin
Heart of America GSP Club2003-03-28 OLGD 2 29Arnie EversullJack Higgins
Nebraska Vizsla Club2003-03-15 ALGD 1 7Dustin OchsJack Higgins
Ringneck GSP Club2002-10-04 OLGD 4 19Sean HauserClint Wilber
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2002-09-13 AAA 3 19Ken WindomEd Powell
GSP Club Of Lincoln2002-08-31 OLGD 3 30Terry HawkinsMike Zimbelman
GSP Club of Nebraska2002-05-10 OAA 1 11Johnnie PappanHerbert Rea
Nebraska Brittany Club2002-04-12 OGD 4 21Marlin JonesJoe Cain
Heart of America GSP Club2002-03-29 ALGD 2 27Howard BurbachGerald Easum
Heart of America GSP Club2002-03-29 OLGD 1 30Clint WilberJack Higgins
Nebraska Vizsla Club2002-03-16 ALGD 1 7Jack HigginsJerry Dutemple
Nebraska Vizsla Club2002-03-16 OGD 3 14Doug RowseJack Higgins
GSP Club Of Lincoln2002-03-09 OGD 3 25David BartlettMike Zimbelman
GSP Club of Nebraska2001-09-21 ALGD 4 13Brad DudgeonGregg Lamar
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2001-09-14 AGD 3 19Joe FingerlinDavid Bartlett
Nebraska Brittany Club2001-09-07 OGD 3 20Doug SieckmeyerMargo Bailey
GSP Club Of Lincoln2001-09-01 AGD 3 11Johnnie PappanHerbert Rea
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2001-04-19 AGD 4 23Harlan HigginBothamChuck Parietti
GSP Club Of Lincoln2001-04-07 AGD 4 14Clint WilberJ Blazer
GSP Club Of Lincoln2001-03-10 AGD 1 24Bonnie BergmeyerJack Higgins
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2001-02-17 OGD 3 23Tom ManeelyMike Zimbelman
GSP Club of Nebraska2000-09-22 AGD 4 35Peter WilkinBonnie Bergmeyer
GSP Club Of Lincoln2000-09-02 AGD 1 8Stan TruksaEdsel Grove
GSP Club of Nebraska2000-05-12 AGD 3 13David BartlettSteve Wagle
GSP Club of Nebraska2000-05-12 ALGD 2 12David BartlettJ Baratta
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2000-04-28 AGD 1 18Chuck PariettiDavid Bartlett
GSP Club Of Lincoln2000-04-08 OD 3 8Joe FingerlinJack Higgins
GSP Club Of Lincoln2000-04-08 AGD 3 14Chuck PariettiTimothy Heiner
Nebraska Vizsla Club2000-03-18 AGD 2 18Tom ManeelyMike Zimbelman
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2000-02-19 AWD 1 12Bill L PerkinsJack Higgins
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.1999-03-27 AWP 3 8David BartlettJack Higgins
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.1999-03-27 OP 1 9Larry WestJack Higgins
GSP Club Of Lincoln1999-03-13 OP 2 5Mike LundyTerry Hawkins
GSP Club Of Lincoln1999-03-13 AWP 2 5Mike LundyTerry Hawkins


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