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FC AFC Wingmaster's Bullet

AKC Number SN71191901
Breed German Wirehaired Pointer
Owner(s) T Lococo
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GWP Club of America, Inc.2004-10-11 NFC 1 28Scott BeyerLarry McDonald
Nebraska Vizsla Club2004-09-25 OLGD 3 14Robert KoserJerry Dutemple
Nebraska Vizsla Club2004-03-13 OGD 1 28Joe FingerlinDoug Hess
Gateway GSP Club2003-10-31 OGD 4 19Jerome HassardCharlie Miller
Ringneck GSP Club2003-10-03 OGD 3 25Clint WilberChuck Bogaard
GSP Club of Nebraska2003-09-20 OGD 3 66Alan HeltemesLarry Voecks
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2003-09-12 OGD 3 25Wesley FeltMike Zimbelman
Nebraska Brittany Club2003-09-05 OGD 3 41Mike VoshellBruce Heiter
GSP Club Of Lincoln2003-08-30 OGD 4 30Bonnie BergmeyerJack Higgins
GSP Club of Nebraska2003-05-09 OLGD 3 27William BurtonBrenda Stronehouse
Nebraska Brittany Club2003-04-11 OGD 2 44Lynette BurtonWilliam Burton
Sunflower GSP Club2003-03-21 OGD 4 28Johnnie PappanDoug Hess
GWP Club of America, Inc.2002-10-07 NFC 2 49John P FrayneJack Higgins
GWP Club of America, Inc.2002-10-07 NAFC 2 40Tom ManeelyRobert Creaney
GSP Club Of Lincoln2002-08-31 AGD 1 18Greg DixonStan Truksa
Ringneck GSP Club2002-05-04 AGD 1 13Dick Ludwig Jr.Joe Cain
GSP Club of Colorado2002-04-12 ALGD 4 13Rex RobertsTom Hamulak
GSP Club Of Lincoln2002-04-06 ALGD 2 11Chuck PariettiPeter Wilkin
Nebraska Vizsla Club2002-03-16 AGD 3 9Tom ManeelyJerry Dutemple
GSP Club Of Lincoln2002-03-09 ALGD 2 9David BartlettDoug Hess
GSP Club Of Lincoln2001-04-07 AGD 2 14Clint WilberJ Blazer
GSP Club Of Lincoln2001-03-10 AGD 4 24Bonnie BergmeyerJack Higgins
GSP Club Of Lincoln2000-04-08 AWP 3 9James D StinnettJack Higgins
GSP Club Of Lincoln2000-03-11 AWP 3 11Paula AbbotJ Blazer


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