Speed Bump

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Speed Bump

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SN56154909
Owner(s) D Sieckmeyer


GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2000-04-28 AWD 2 8David BartlettJeff Seymour
GSP Club Of Lincoln2000-04-08 AWD 3 10Joe FingerlinJack Higgins
GSP Club Of Lincoln2000-03-11 AWD 3 6Bonnie BergmeyerPaula Abbot
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska1999-08-28 AWP 3 4Joe FingerlinArthur Armbrust
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska1999-08-28 OP 4 4Rhonda HaukoosBob Erbe
GSP Club of Nebraska1999-08-21 OP 3 5Peter WilkinSteve Wagle
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska1999-04-30 AWP 2 11Arthur ArmbrustSteve Wagle
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.1999-03-27 AWP 4 8David BartlettJack Higgins
Nebraska Vizsla Club1999-03-20 OP 3 6J W DeweyMike Zimbelman
Ringneck GSP Club1999-03-06 AWP 1 4Timothy HeinerLarry West
Ringneck GSP Club1999-03-06 OP 2 4Tom ManeelyJoe Cain
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska1999-02-20 AWP 3 8Arthur ArmbrustTom Maneely