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FC AFC Gamblers Eye Of The Storm

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SN82681603
Owner(s) M Mikoff


La Salle Brittany Club2008-10-17 OLGD 1 14Eugene SalmonsMark Johnson
Badger Brittany Club2008-09-20 AGD 1 22Brent LloydPhilip Wachuta
Badger Brittany Club2008-09-20 OGD 3 20Sam ThompsonCharles Spinelli
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2008-09-13 OGD 2 24Ed JanulisCarl Anglen
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2008-03-08 OGD 1 22Scott OehlJames Brigham
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2008-03-08 OLGD 2 13Rodger FioritoHarold Heather
La Salle Brittany Club2007-10-19 AGD 1 29Brian HendricksonRodger Fiorito
La Salle Brittany Club2007-10-19 OLGD 2 20Charles SchaeferJohn Hott
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2007-09-29 AGD 4 19Eugene SalmonsJoseph Kim Marlatt
Michigan Brittany Club2007-09-22 AGD 3 27Ed ManifoldDennis Sullivan
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2007-09-15 AGD 3 26Larry BatesD Riedl
Michigan Saginaw Valley Brittany Club2007-05-17 OGD 1 31William WendtScott Chaffee
Illinois Brittany Club2007-05-05 OGD 1 25Ed JanulisAnthony Vescoso
Illinois Brittany Club2007-05-05 AGD 3 22Jerry McGeeDennis Sullivan
La Salle Brittany Club2007-03-30 AGD 4 27Jeff EngelsmanRob Richter
La Salle Brittany Club2007-03-30 OLGD 2 20Kelly DonhamPaul Katzel
American Brittany Club, Inc.2006-10-28 AGD 4 42Don WhittingtonBruce Conover
La Salle Brittany Club2006-10-20 OLGD 3 21John WilbanksRichard Green
Badger Brittany Club2006-04-22 OGD 1 22Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
La Salle Brittany Club2006-03-31 AGD 2 25Jim BuschRodney Albin
La Salle Brittany Club2006-03-31 OLGD 2 26Harry OldhamRobert Creaney
Hoosier Brittany Club2005-10-22 OGD 2 20John WilbanksPaul Katzel
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2005-09-10 AGD 1 11Larry BatesPaul Katzel
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2005-04-09 AGD 3 20G T BurroughsRobert Powell
La Salle Brittany Club2005-03-25 OLGD 3 16John HottCharles Langstaff
La Salle Brittany Club2005-03-25 AAA 3 21Stan WilliamsonAl Vanwieren
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2005-03-05 AGD 4 18Kevin RemmersWayne Adams
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2005-03-05 ALGD 1 10Keo KeopineRandy Meyer
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2005-03-05 OLGD 2 13Ed ManifoldJohn Wilbanks
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2004-09-11 AGD 3 25Rob RichterRobert Creaney
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2004-09-11 OGD 1 19Ed LiermannCarly Thompson-Martin
Badger Brittany Club2004-05-15 OGD 1 14Tom JagielskiChris Brigham
Illinois Brittany Club2004-05-01 OGD 4 25Anthony VescosoRobert Buchholz
La Salle Brittany Club2004-03-26 OGD 4 34Lawrence HauseRobert Powell
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2004-03-06 AGD 4 19James BrighamMichael Poehler
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2003-03-08 AWD 3 8Ed ManifoldJames Mills
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2003-03-08 OD 2 4Sam ThompsonJohn Hancock
La Salle Brittany Club2002-03-29 AWP 3 11Dennis SullivanAmy Sullivan
La Salle Brittany Club2002-03-29 OP 4 9Neveta SalmonsJim Demay
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2002-03-16 OP 4 10Jim DemayDavid Wuori
Hoosier Brittany Club2001-10-27 AWP 4 6Phyllis KatzelDennis Sullivan