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FC AFC Redlines Tequila Twist

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SN85630601
Owner(s) B Leffingwell/C Leffingwell


Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2007-04-21 AAA 4 20Dennis LeisJoe Waitman
Northern California Brittany Club2007-03-31 AAA 1 14Karen NelsenCarolyn Gold
Southern San Joaquin Valley Brittany Club2007-03-17 OAA 3 15Steve CosgraveBill Landress
Vizsla Club of Southern California2007-01-11 OLGD 4 30Michael VazCraig Lewis
GSP Club of San Diego2006-02-10 AGD 4 19Bruce HaleSal Satallante
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2006-02-03 AAA 1 14Greg KnightNicole Hanzel
California Brittany Club2005-11-05 OGD 2 10Nicole HanzelRoy Terry
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2005-05-07 OGD 1 20Claude KilpatrickGerald Barron
GWP Club of Southern California2005-02-19 OLGD 1 27John DevereGreg Knight
Sierra View Brittany Club2005-02-12 OGD 1 20Elden BouchieHelen Rogers-Riggle
California Brittany Club2005-02-04 OGD 1 13James RiceBryan Rice
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2005-01-22 OGD 2 21Genaro VargasBryan Rice
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2004-10-09 OGD 2 21Leif LendropJerry Falkenstein
Idaho Brittany Club2004-09-25 OGD 4 21Clem LittleJoe Waitman
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2004-09-17 OGD 1 34Robert LopezJoe Waitman
Whid Isle Brittany Club2004-09-11 AGD 1 22William VyeDanny Mar
Oregon Brittany Club2004-09-04 OGD 2 30Clem LittleMike Rice
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2004-05-01 OGD 3 19Marilynne LittleRich Strumpf
Idaho Brittany Club2004-04-23 OGD 2 24Clem LittleSteve Ball
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2004-04-16 OGD 2 27Joe WaitmanLawrence Sandusky
Oregon Brittany Club2004-04-03 OGD 4 27James LandisMel Lee
GSP Club of Riverside County2003-11-07 OLGD 2 13Craig LewisEllis Herz
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2003-09-13 OGD 4 30Tom WhiteHeinz Ahlman
California Brittany Club2003-01-29 OD 2 11Genaro VargasPeter Barkauskas
Southern San Joaquin Valley Brittany Club2002-10-26 OD 1 7Wayne DownRoy Terry
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2002-10-09 OD 1 11Scott CarstairsKimberlee Ramage
Wasatch Front Brittany Club2002-09-24 OD 1 17Clem LittleFrancis Clasen
Oregon Brittany Club2002-08-31 OD 2 11Willey RichmondJoe Waitman
Whid Isle Brittany Club2002-03-21 OP 2 13Norman ClowChuck Sherer
Southern San Joaquin Valley Brittany Club2002-03-16 OD 4 10Craig LewisJohn Cushing
Central California Brittany Club2002-03-02 OP 2 7Edward MayhewKimberlee Ramage
GWP Club of Southern California2002-02-16 AWP 1 11Terry DuffinPennie Peterson
GWP Club of Southern California2002-02-16 OD 2 30Craig LewisKarla Weber
Sierra View Brittany Club2002-02-09 OP 3 9Leroy E GreenKimberlee Ramage
California Brittany Club2002-02-02 OP 4 10Daisy SchapheerTom Hansen
High Desert Brittany2002-01-26 OP 2 8Lyle ChristiansenGordon Hansen
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2002-01-19 OP 3 8Gordon HansenKarla Weber
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2002-01-19 OD 4 20Steve SwansonGordon Hansen
High Desert Brittany2001-11-10 OP 1 5Craig LewisEdward Dixon
California Brittany Club2001-11-03 OP 2 7Jerry RosenbergTerry Zygalinski