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DC Finale's Flyin' Colors

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR51504202
Owner(s) M Ellis


Northern California Brittany Club2014-03-28 OLGD 4 31Wayne HaleJoe Gower
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2013-01-25 OLGD 3 15Leslie VargasCraig Lewis
California Brittany Club2012-10-26 AGD 4 15Patti Van De CoeveringEllis Herz
Northern California Brittany Club2012-09-28 OLGD 4 13Alan BrannJanice Schmoldt
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2012-09-14 OLGD 3 18Robert ShowalterLawrence Sandusky
Inland Empire Brittany Club2012-09-11 OGD 4 31John SullivanJoseph Schaefer
Whid Isle Brittany Club2012-09-08 OGD 2 29William AckermanHeinz Ahlman
Inland Empire Brittany Club2012-04-17 OGD 4 21Tom WhiteRay Calkins
Sahuaro Brittany Club2012-01-07 OGD 4 25John CrossPam Chavez
Inland Empire Brittany Club2011-09-13 OGD 3 24Joseph SchaeferDavid Kirk
Oregon Brittany Club2011-09-03 OGD 2 24Peter Von OhlenJoseph Proulx
Inland Empire Brittany Club2011-04-05 OGD 2 18Leslie AndreasRick Axtell
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2011-01-22 OGD 1 34Carl BabbBill Landress
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2011-01-11 OGD 1 19Stephanie CasdorphT.W. BESENICK
GWP Club of Southern California2010-11-12 AGD 4 13Leslie VargasCraig Lewis
GWP Club of Southern California2010-11-12 OGD 3 21Russ SettellEdward Dixon
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2010-11-06 OGD 1 15Edward MayhewSabrina Arney
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2010-09-17 OGD 4 22Heinz AhlmanDavid Kirk
Idaho Brittany Club2010-04-24 OGD 4 21John HendersonJohn Sullivan
Inland Empire Brittany Club2010-04-13 OGD 4 26Rick AxtellDennis Leis
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2009-09-19 OD 2 8Joe WaitmanDavid Kirk
Inland Empire Brittany Club2009-09-14 OD 2 8Joe WaitmanDavid Kirk
Whid Isle Brittany Club2009-09-12 OD 1 8Mark ShearmanClem Little
Oregon Brittany Club2009-09-05 OD 2 9Clem LittleDavid Kirk
Idaho Brittany Club2009-04-25 OP 1 12Tom WhiteJoe Waitman
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2009-04-18 OP 4 14Joe WaitmanDavid Kirk
Whid Isle Brittany Club2009-04-11 OP 2 10Roger BorineDavid Kirk
Oregon Brittany Club2009-04-04 OP 4 14Joe WaitmanJoseph Bevier
Northern California Brittany Club2009-03-27 OP 2 12Jim HouseDale Shores
Sierra View Brittany Club2009-03-22 OP 2 6Leroy MerrellCary Crum
California Brittany Club2009-03-07 AWP 1 6Greg KnightSabrina Arney