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DC AFC Up N'Adam's Silhouette

AKC Number SR49438603
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) K Tazza/T Tazza
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Pointer Associates of New England2018-10-20 ALGD 2 13Richard FrawleyCory Roy
Central New England Brittany Club2018-06-01 OAA 3 5Andrew CampbellP Davis
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2018-04-27 OAA 3 6Michael BlondinLaura Miller
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2016-11-18 OAA 4 10Stephen BoyerGreg Ritchings
Brittany Club of Upper New York2016-09-03 OAA 2 13Jeffrey CurrierShan Wessels
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2016-04-21 OAA 4 10Robert VauldingMichael Blondin
TarTan Gordon Setter Club2016-04-16 ALGD 1 9Richard FrawleyDave O'Brien
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2016-04-09 ALGD 3 26Clifford Mesnard IIStacy Goodle
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2016-04-01 OAA 4 11Greg NicholsonWayne Cowles
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2016-03-19 OLGD 3 15Nancy HuyserMargot Clasquin
Brittany Club of Upper New York2015-09-05 OAA 1 13Leslie CasselberryJeffrey Currier
Pointer Associates of New England2015-04-17 OAA 4 12Audra JaconettiTimothy P Cavanaugh
GSP Club of South Georgia2015-02-13 OLGD 3 22Richard BarberPhillip Warren
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2015-01-01 GOLGD 4 18Ron LambertBridget Bailey
Nutmeg GSP Club2014-11-07 OAA 3 9John PolandAudra Jaconetti
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2014-10-25 ALGD 3 13Aaron CrownCharles Schaeffer
Pointer Associates of New England2014-09-27 ALGD 4 9Steven AnkerTom Mercier
Hudson Valley GSP Club2014-09-12 OAA 3 6Dean BrowningBrian B Frattaroli
Pointer Associates of New England2014-05-30 ALGD 1 10Grace LawsonStacy Goodle
Long Island Pointing Dog Field Trial Club2014-05-10 AGD 1 14Greg NicholsonAndrew Campbell
Conestoga Vizsla Club2014-04-18 AGD 1 24Thomas DigneyJ Freeman
Central New England Brittany Club2014-04-12 OAA 3 14Bobbie L SigmundHenry Wierzbicki
GSP Club of America2014-04-05 NAGDC 2 30Wayne YamashitaGene Moseley
Nutmeg GSP Club2013-11-08 ALGD 1 14Audra JaconettiMichelle Sala
Central New England Brittany Club2013-09-21 AGD 3 24Ralph KiracofeJudy Kiracofe
Hudson Valley GSP Club2013-09-13 ALGD 1 7Audra JaconettiKevin Joyce
Hudson Valley GSP Club2013-06-07 OLGD 4 13Jeffrey DroginW A Orlando
Mayflower GSP Club2013-04-19 OAA 1 11Tom MercierThomas George
Central Florida GSP Club2013-01-17 OLGD 3 20Bob WilsonKary Jorgensen
Buckeye GSP Club2012-10-06 OLGD 1 25Richard PristovChris Streitenberger
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2012-09-01 ALGD 3 18Bruce ConoverBrian Riggle
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2012-09-01 OLGD 2 24Henry WierzbickiJeffrey Currier
Hudson Valley GSP Club2012-06-01 AGD 2 15Steven AnkerBruce Shaffer
Hudson Valley GSP Club2012-06-01 ALGD 1 13Dean BrowningDebra Freidus
Pointer Associates of New England2012-05-11 AGD 3 13Steven AnkerJohn Malone
Pointer Associates of New England2012-05-11 ALGD 4 8Steven AnkerJames O'Donnell
GSP Club of South Georgia2012-02-17 OLGD 2 11Richard BarberDaniel DiMambro
GSP Club of America2012-02-04 OLGD 1 16Tim SmelcerPeter Coppens
Nutmeg GSP Club2011-04-08 ALGD 3 9Steven AnkerBuzz Hancock
GSP Club of South Georgia2011-02-18 OGD 1 20Jim JohnsonPhillip Warren
GSP Club of America2011-02-12 OLGD 2 13Greg LegerFinn Olsen
GSP Club of Atlanta2011-01-13 OLGD 1 10Bob ErbeNikolaus Scharpf
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2010-11-27 OLGD 1 15Lisa MillerJoseph Cincotta
Nutmeg GSP Club2010-11-12 OLGD 2 15Tom MercierThomas George
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2010-11-06 OGD 3 10Kitty PullenScott Smith
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2010-11-06 OLGD 2 10Andy ValentinoKitty Pullen
Pointer Associates of New England2010-10-29 OGD 2 21Patricia SanbornRobert Amato
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2010-10-01 OGD 2 22Gus AllimonosStanley Zdon JR
Diamond State GSP Association2010-09-18 OLGD 1 8Mike ZarebickiDebra Freidus
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2010-09-04 OAA 4 13Jeanne RozowskiBrian Riggle
GSP Club of Eastern Iowa2010-04-23 OD 1 19Vern GrimslidPatrick Vande Hei
Nutmeg GSP Club2009-11-06 OD 4 7Tony SmidAllen Welch
Hudson Valley GSP Club2009-09-25 OD 4 6Tom MercierDean Browning


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