FC Jcs Dixieland Rollin Bonanza

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FC Jcs Dixieland Rollin Bonanza

AKC Number SR15124807
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) k bryant
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Ozark GSP Club2011-02-18 OAA 1 6Ken ChenowethPeter Wilkin
Texas Panhandle Pointing Breed Dog Club2010-12-10 ALGD 2 8Charles RoseLeonard Morales
GSP Club of Colorado2010-04-08 AAA 4 14Duane KirkleyBurnie Stokes
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2009-10-10 OAA 4 15Joe FingerlinJim Douglass JR
GSP Club of America2009-05-10 OLAA 1 11David TaylorDavid Walker
Ozark GSP Club2009-02-20 OAA 2 10Ken ChenowethWilliam Burton
Ozark GSP Club2009-02-20 OLGD 1 24Ken ChenowethWilliam Burton
GSP Club of Nebraska2008-05-09 OAA 1 13Larry LoftinJames (JJJ) Juergens
GSP Club of Nebraska2007-09-21 OLAA 3 18Larry LoftinDoug Hess
GSP Club of Nebraska2007-09-21 AAA 1 18Howard BurbachKen Chenoweth
GSP Club of Nebraska2007-09-21 OAA 2 20Chuck ThielenDoug Hess
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2007-04-28 OGD 2 14Ken ChenowethHeath Kooima
GSP Club of Colorado2007-04-13 OLGD 4 19Charles RoseScott Skinner
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2007-02-17 AGD 1 15Tom ManeelyG F Henry
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2005-10-22 OD 3 14Larry LoftinStephen Hetmanek
GSP Club of Colorado2005-10-06 AWD 3 11Mark HillJohn Moreland
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2005-02-19 OP 1 9Mike ZimbelmanStephen Hetmanek


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