DC AFC Melto's Freyja

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DC AFC Melto's Freyja

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SR60198302
Owner(s) T Campbell/L SALB


Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2016-03-12 ALGD 1 12Bill ThompsonTim Molony
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2016-03-12 OLGD 4 12Trish BurdinBill Thompson
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2016-01-08 OLGD 2 16Don BonniceWayne James
Central Florida GSP Club2015-12-11 OLGD 3 11Bob ErbeJan Erbe
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2015-12-04 ALGD 2 13Jan ErbeDiane Fazio
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2015-12-04 OLGD 1 13Bob ErbeDiane Fazio
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2015-11-27 ALGD 1 15Trish BurdinWill Garrett
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2015-11-14 ALGD 4 8Rick HopkinsMike Heller
Carolinas Pointing Dog Association2015-11-06 ALGD 1 5Joe StringerChris Carnahan
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2015-10-31 ALGD 1 14James BradleyJohn Davis
Florida Panhandle GSP Club2015-01-09 ALGD 2 9Richard KrauseWayne James
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2015-01-02 OLGD 1 20Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2015-01-02 ALGD 1 13Trish BurdinScott Phipps
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2014-11-28 ALGD 3 13Aline ScharpfJohn Houghton
Miami Valley Vizsla Club, Inc.2014-03-22 ALGD 2 4Diane FazioGreg King
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2014-01-24 ALGD 4 12Marla FaverScott Phipps
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2014-01-24 OLGD 3 17Wayne JamesTrish Burdin
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2014-01-03 OLGD 3 15Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2013-11-29 ALGD 4 15Will GarrettJohn Houghton
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2013-11-21 ALGD 2 20Trish BurdinArthur Terstage
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2013-10-18 ALGD 2 15Mark CalderRay Rinker
Conestoga Vizsla Club2013-10-04 ALGD 2 10Catherine KuhnsTony Smid
Conestoga Vizsla Club2013-10-04 OLGD 1 6Bob BonnevilleJoe Petrowski
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-03-29 ALGD 1 13Carl ChecklickTrish Burdin
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-03-29 OLGD 3 18Carl ChecklickTrish Burdin
East Tennessee Pointing Dog Club2013-03-15 ALGD 1 7David MedfordJames Demarco
East Tennessee Pointing Dog Club2013-03-15 OLGD 1 10David MedfordJames Demarco
GSP Club of Atlanta2013-03-01 ALGD 4 17Jeffrey CravenTrish Burdin
Georgia Brittany Club2012-12-07 OGD 1 13Trish BurdinWill Garrett
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2012-11-23 ALGD 4 12Larry WestBob Erbe
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2012-11-23 OGD 2 19Bob ErbeTrish Burdin
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2012-11-17 ALGD 1 13James R HuppTrish Burdin
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2012-11-17 OLGD 2 14Trish BurdinBill Thompson
Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville2012-11-15 AGD 2 14James R HuppBill Padovano
Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville2012-11-15 OLGD 1 11Trish BurdinBill Thompson
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2012-10-05 AGD 1 16Cynthia HiblerMarla Faver
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2012-10-05 OGD 3 14Cynthia HiblerTrish Burdin
GSP Club of Nebraska2012-08-25 AGD 1 10Jan ErbeTrish Burdin
Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley2011-02-18 AWD 1 10Jan ErbePaula Gross
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2011-02-05 OP 1 10Mike MullineauxNikolaus Scharpf
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2011-02-05 OD 3 9Clint SailsJamie Fountain
GSP Club of Atlanta2011-01-13 OD 1 8Jan ErbeFred Lowry
GSP Club of Atlanta2010-12-28 OD 2 4Timothy ZickTim Smelcer
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2010-11-25 AWD 2 11Dorothea RomanoWayne James
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2010-11-20 OD 3 13Jean PlummerRodney Albin
Weimaraner Club of Greater Louisville2010-11-18 OD 2 12Rodney AlbinBill Thompson
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2010-10-22 AWP 1 9Tim CarwileScott Smith
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2010-10-22 OP 3 12Kenneth HuyserClint Sails
Mid Florida Brittany Club2010-10-16 OP 1 12William AbbeySusan Wallace