FC Sherlocks Ace Ohearts

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FC Sherlocks Ace Ohearts

Breed English Setter
AKC Number SR63831602
Owner(s) S Noble/S Noble


Weimaraner Club of the Tennessee Valley2019-02-15 AGD 4 10Jean WebbRobert Webb
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2018-11-29 AGD 1 9Rodney AlbinBill Monk
Twin Cities GWP Club2018-05-13 AGD 4 13Brian GingrichJustin Martin
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2018-05-11 AGD 3 18Rob TomczakBrian Gingrich
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2017-12-30 OGD 4 11Rodney AlbinD Bowen
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2017-12-02 AGD 4 18Rick HopkinsArthur Terstage
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2017-11-30 AGD 2 15Arthur TerstageBill Monk
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2017-09-09 OLGD 1 9Leonard MoralesGary Fromme
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2017-04-21 OLGD 4 26Kendall BrownDave Carlson
Minnesota Brittany Club2014-05-16 OLGD 4 20Bret LindbackSusan Januschka
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2014-05-03 AGD 1 14Sam ThompsonBill Elliott
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2014-05-03 OGD 2 17Mark JohnsonCraig Donze
Western Irish Setter Club, Inc.2014-04-26 OGD 1 26Jerry McGeeJeffrey Stanton
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2014-04-11 OGD 4 28Dennis SullivanMark Johnson
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2014-04-05 OLGD 4 18Dennis SullivanTony Ordonez
Minnesota Brittany Club2013-10-05 OLGD 4 17Sam ThompsonKevin Jahr
Minnesota Brittany Club2013-10-05 OGD 4 21Sam ThompsonJeffrey Stanton
Minnesota Brittany Club2013-10-05 OAA 2 9Chris BenskinCraig Donze
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2013-08-24 OGD 1 15Tom JagielskiMark Spurgeon
St Croix Valley Brittany Club2013-06-01 OGD 1 20Bret LindbackCharles Aspenson
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2011-09-24 OD 3 16Gregg SchjothJeff Hoff
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2011-04-30 OP 2 8Robert PowellRobert Schuster
Western Irish Setter Club, Inc.2011-04-23 OP 2 9Pennie WillisBill Padavano
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee, Inc.2011-04-02 OP 4 8Bob GeddeisVictor Barger