FC AFC Wak's Tampa Orion

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FC AFC Wak's Tampa Orion

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR52618401
Owner(s) W Kitts/C Kitts


Mason-Dixon GSP Club2019-12-07 AGD 4 13T L HoverterB Bollinger
GSP Club of Ohio2018-09-28 ALGD 3 13Scott WeslowWilliam Davis
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2016-03-19 OGD 3 17Hunter ShelleyLance Fargo
GSP Club of America2015-04-11 NAGDC 2 39John RabidouBruce Shaffer
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2015-04-03 AGD 1 15Catherine KuhnsEdwin Shupp
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2015-04-03 ALGD 2 14Al LucasClifford Mesnard II
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2014-03-22 OGD 1 8Bruce ShafferScott Smith
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2014-03-22 OLGD 3 12Stephanie SnyderBob Bonneville
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2013-11-01 OLGD 2 7Stephen BoyerJohn Chokran
Buckeye GSP Club2013-10-05 AGD 2 10Diane FazioWilliam Davis
Buckeye GSP Club2013-10-05 OGD 4 19Russ RothJim Wallace
GSP Club of Ohio2013-04-26 OLGD 1 24Lori RezzardiClifford Mesnard II
Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland2013-04-13 OLGD 3 13Mark CalderChris Young
Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland2013-04-13 OGD 4 25Mark CalderFrank Watters
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2013-04-06 AGD 2 10Laura BaumanBob Winter
Buckeye GSP Club2012-10-06 OGD 1 17Richard PristovGeorge Kucsma
GSP Club of Ohio2012-09-28 AGD 3 15Blake RizzoRobert K Reynolds
Vizsla Club of Greater Cleveland2012-09-15 OGD 3 27Bill HaynesRobert K Reynolds
Weimaraner Club of the Washington DC Area2012-04-06 AGD 1 15Kenneth HuyserNancy Huyser
Mason-Dixon GSP Club2012-03-24 ALGD 2 18Kenneth HuyserLaurie McCarty
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.2012-03-03 OLGD 4 19Kenneth HuyserNancy Huyser