FC AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Knox

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FC AFC Wolf Plain Brooks Knox

AKC Number SR68542702
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) C Roy
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TarTan Gordon Setter Club2018-10-27 ALGD 2 7Charles SchaefferT Boscardin
Hudson Valley GSP Club2017-03-31 AGD 3 14John PolandFrank Cavalieri
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2016-04-21 OLGD 3 8Robert VauldingJamie Fountain
Nutmeg GSP Club2014-11-07 OAA 2 9John PolandAudra Jaconetti
Vizsla Club of Greater New York2014-10-11 AGD 1 15Joe LuisiDennis Hazel
Pointer Associates of New England2014-09-27 ALGD 2 9Steven AnkerTom Mercier
Hudson Valley GSP Club2014-09-12 AGD 2 14Dean BrowningDennis Hazel
Hudson Valley GSP Club2014-06-06 AGD 1 16Richard FreelKimberly Eaton
Nutmeg GSP Club2013-11-08 ALGD 2 14Audra JaconettiMichelle Sala
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2013-10-26 AGD 3 13John MaloneRobert Vaulding
Pointer Associates of New England2013-09-28 OLGD 1 13Audra JaconettiTom Mercier
Hudson Valley GSP Club2013-09-13 AGD 1 13Audra JaconettiTom Mercier
Hudson Valley GSP Club2013-09-13 OGD 4 13Kevin JoyceJoe Amatulli
Hudson Valley GSP Club2012-11-16 OD 1 9Michael ErnestDennis Hazel
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2012-10-20 OD 4 13Thomas GeorgeJames D'Amico
Pointer Associates of New England2012-09-22 OP 1 5Michelle SalaRobert Vaulding
Tartan Gordon Setter Club2012-04-14 OP 2 6Jeanne CulverMichelle Sala
Nutmeg GSP Club2012-04-06 AWP 3 5Audra JaconettiRobert Cardellichio
Nutmeg GSP Club2012-04-06 OP 1 4Tom MercierRobert Cardellichio
Nutmeg GSP Club2012-04-06 AWD 2 5Robert CardellichioKimberly Eaton
Southern New England Brittany Club2012-03-24 OP 4 9Kimberly EatonStacy Goodle


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