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FC AFC GFC Bdk's All That Jazz

AKC Number SR70172607
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) Kirk & Terry Bomer
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Call Name    Jazz
Sire     FC Bdk's Sin City Wildcard
Dam     Bdks Kessie's Sin City Casino (offspring only)


GSP Club of America2018-10-15 NAFC 3 77R A RankinArthur Terstage
GSP Club of America2018-05-13 OLGD 4 8Jim Douglass JRBob Erbe
GSP Club of Nebraska2018-05-10 OLGD 3 13Richard WaltersS Thielen
Ringneck GSP Club2018-04-03 GOLGD 1 26Stan TruksaMike Griffin
Ringneck GSP Club2018-03-23 GOLGD 3 20Timothy ThadenLance Schulz
Lone Star GSP Club2018-01-16 GOLGD 2 45R A RankinR Nowell
Gulf Coast GSP Club2017-11-15 GALGD 1 12Dickie SorrellXavier Franco
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-09-21 ALGD 3 14Margo BaileyTom Hagan
GSP Club of America2017-05-09 OLAA 4 8Bob ErbeLarry Loftin
Gulf Coast GSP Club2016-11-19 AGD 2 21Gene MoseleyKevin Temple
Lone Star GSP Club2016-11-12 AGD 4 18Keith HickamGene Mason
Lone Star GSP Club2016-11-12 OGD 3 18Keith HickamBurnie Stokes
GSP Club of Nebraska2016-09-22 OAA 4 13Larry LoftinBruce Bryant
GSP Club of America2016-05-10 OLAA 3 8Peter WilkinBob Erbe
GSP Club of America2016-05-10 GALGD 1 20Jim Douglass JRTimothy Thaden
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 OGD 2 16Stephen HetmanekKevin Stonehouse
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 OAA 1 9Brooks CarmichaelBruce Bryant
Lone Star GSP Club2015-11-07 AGD 2 19Chad BaumMary Karbiner
GSP Club of America2015-05-10 OLAA 2 6Bob ErbeClark Linn
GSP Club of America2015-05-10 GOLGD 3 13John MorelandMichael Patrick
GSP Club of Nebraska2015-05-07 AAA 2 11Mike ZimbelmanTimothy Thaden
Ringneck GSP Club2015-03-20 OLGD 1 25James (JJJ) JuergensTimothy Thaden
Ringneck GSP Club2015-03-20 GOLGD 1 22Chris BenskinMike Beach
Gulf Coast GSP Club2015-02-09 GOLGD 2 22Andy GerdesDickie Sorrell
Gulf Coast GSP Club2015-02-09 GALGD 1 26Wayne YamashitaRobert K Reynolds
GSP Club of San Antonio2015-02-04 OGD 3 19David DowningMichael Patrick
Irish Setter Club of San Antonio, Inc.2014-11-21 OLGD 3 14Julie LaRueCharlie Collier
Gulf Coast GSP Club2014-11-14 OGD 3 13James MesserDickie Sorrell
Gulf Coast GSP Club2014-11-14 OAA 3 8Dickie SorrellDavid Quijano
Gulf Coast GSP Club2014-11-14 AGD 2 13Gene MoseleyDickie Sorrell
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-05-08 OGD 3 20Bruce BryantChase Verdoorn
Ringneck GSP Club2014-03-21 OGD 3 18Stephen HetmanekBruce Bryant
Heart of America GSP Club2013-09-27 OD 2 10Randy Neises Sr.B D Silcott
Sunflower GSP Club2012-10-12 OP 1 9James D StinnettJay Schroeder
Heart of America GSP Club2012-09-28 OP 1 7Peter WilkinLaura Miller


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