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FC Mavericks Big Bully

AKC Number SR70784404
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) C Linn/A Linn
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GSP Club of America2018-10-15 OGD 4 73Greg KnightJoe Orndorff
Heart of America GSP Club2018-10-04 OLAA 4 10Richard WaltersS Thielen
GSP Club of Nebraska2018-09-20 OLAA 4 14Jim Douglass JRMike Zimbelman
GSP Club of America2018-05-13 OLAA 3 8Jim Douglass JRBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Nebraska2018-05-10 AAA 2 10Jim Douglass JRA Burch
GSP Club of Minnesota2016-05-20 OAA 1 11Bruce MuellerBjorn Peterson
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 OAA 2 9Brooks CarmichaelBruce Bryant
Ringneck GSP Club2016-03-25 GOLGD 3 23Edward MyersKevin Stonehouse
Sunflower GSP Club2015-10-09 OGD 3 14Wayland RussellThomas Wynn
GSP Club of America2015-05-10 GALGD 4 22Jim Douglass JRTimothy Thaden
GSP Club of Nebraska2015-05-07 OGD 3 22David TaylorChristopher Bryant
Heart of America GSP Club2015-03-27 OGD 1 21Bruce BryantThomas Wynn
Heart of America GSP Club2015-03-27 OLGD 3 18Ken ChenowethJames Burch
Ringneck GSP Club2015-03-20 OGD 3 25James (JJJ) JuergensGraham Fowler
Ringneck GSP Club2015-03-20 OLGD 3 25James (JJJ) JuergensTimothy Thaden
GSP Club of Oklahoma2014-10-03 OLGD 4 19Mike BoydstonSkip Wonnell
Heart of America GSP Club2013-09-27 OD 4 10Randy Neises Sr.B D Silcott
GSP Club of America2013-05-12 OD 4 6Peter WilkinMike Zimbelman
Heart of America GSP Club2013-03-29 OD 1 12Jon HannLaura Miller
Ozark GSP Club2012-10-06 OP 1 9Kent HarterTaylor Smith
Heart of America GSP Club2012-09-28 OP 4 7Peter WilkinLaura Miller


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