FC AFC GFC Nothin' But Trouble

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FC AFC GFC Nothin' But Trouble

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR73298201
Owner(s) D Carter


Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2019-02-20 ALGD 2 20Chris GoeganJerry Webb
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2019-02-20 GALGD 3 14Chris GoeganJim Wallace
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2019-02-02 AGD 1 19Jim WallacePaul Daniel
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2019-02-02 GOLGD 4 17Jim WallaceJeffrey Craven
Georgia Brittany Club2019-01-24 GALGD 3 13Jim WallaceTom Oswald
Mid Florida Brittany Club2019-01-10 GOLGD 1 14Bobbie L SigmundJ Womack
Georgia Brittany Club2018-12-06 OGD 1 16Wayne JamesPaul Daniel
Georgia Brittany Club2018-12-06 GOLGD 3 30J H WallaceM Mays
American Brittany Club, Inc.2018-10-28 NGDC 2 23Marc RittnerTony Giovinale
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2018-02-21 AGD 2 20Jeffrey CravenP C Guay
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2018-02-21 GALGD 4 13Wayne JamesJ Langford
Georgia Brittany Club2018-01-24 AGD 4 17Patti Allen HuntLisa Pollock
Georgia Brittany Club2018-01-24 GOLGD 1 25Aline ScharpfM Mays
Georgia Brittany Club2018-01-24 GALGD 4 14John PerryJoanne Perry
Mid Florida Brittany Club2018-01-11 ALGD 1 19Randy HomanTom Hagan
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2017-12-28 AGD 4 21John HoughtonP C Guay
Georgia Brittany Club2017-11-30 AGD 3 24Tom HaganB T Sims
Georgia Brittany Club2017-11-30 OGD 4 19Linda LangfordB T Sims
Georgia Brittany Club2017-01-25 GALGD 2 13Brian RiggleT L Baer
Mid Florida Brittany Club2016-12-08 OAA 1 4Jim CarterBuck Heard
Georgia Brittany Club2016-12-02 OLGD 2 26Laura MillerWill Garrett
American Brittany Club, Inc.2016-10-30 NGDC 3 27Howard BurbachTommy N Thomas
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2016-02-06 OGD 2 17Jim WallaceDon Bonnice
Georgia Brittany Club2016-01-23 AGD 1 11Jessica CarlsonTom Hagen
Georgia Brittany Club2016-01-23 OGD 3 29Phil StoutJamie Fountain
Georgia Brittany Club2016-01-23 GALGD 1 6Tommy N ThomasWill Garrett
Mid Florida Brittany Club2016-01-12 ALGD 1 7Bill HaynesBrian Riggle
Mid Florida Brittany Club2016-01-12 OGD 3 29Judy HamiltonCarl Anglen
Mid Florida Brittany Club2016-01-12 OLGD 1 29Judy HamiltonKary Jorgensen
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2016-01-01 ALGD 3 15Scott BodenstabJay Houghton
Georgia Brittany Club2015-12-11 OGD 4 13Will GarrettB Coller
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2015-03-13 AGD 1 6David MarshallSarah Conyngham
Georgia Brittany Club2015-01-22 AGD 4 15B CollerJosh Holden
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2015-01-01 OGD 2 11Scott BodenstabJeffrey Craven
Georgia Brittany Club2014-12-13 OGD 3 18Lisa DurhamWill Garrett
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2013-02-08 OP 3 10Patti Allen HuntJay L Hallaron
Georgia Brittany Club2013-01-24 OP 3 14Jay L HallaronKim Trafton
Mid Florida Brittany Club2013-01-04 OD 2 8Will GarrettWilliam Bhame
Georgia Brittany Club2012-12-07 AWP 3 9Tania CampbellWill Garrett
Georgia Brittany Club2012-12-07 AWD 3 8Carol BlackWill Garrett