FC AFC Brendi Brooks Cowboy Up

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FC AFC Brendi Brooks Cowboy Up

AKC Number SR68630304
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) T Tracy
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La Salle Brittany Club2018-10-20 AAA 1 13Harold HeatherRebecca R Walters
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2018-10-10 OAA 3 34Mike MartinJ LEWIS
Michigan Brittany Club2018-04-06 OAA 1 21Anthony CarlesimoM Mays
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2018-03-23 OAA 3 12Joseph Kim MarlattJeffrey Stanton
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2018-01-31 AAA 2 17Robert ThompsonBecky Voss
Illinois Brittany Club2017-11-01 AAA 2 13John BurkhartDennis Sullivan
Illinois Brittany Club2017-11-01 GOLAA 3 20John BurkhartDale Pool
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2017-10-28 AAA 4 5Tom JagielskiJohn Walsh
La Salle Brittany Club2017-10-21 AAA 1 13Paul HowardHarold Heather
St Croix Valley Brittany Club2017-05-05 AAA 2 16Kelly PorterDan Collins
La Salle Brittany Club2017-03-31 AAA 1 8Tom JagielskiBrian Riggle
Illinois Brittany Club2017-02-16 OAA 2 18Chris SennottJeffrey Stanton
Illinois Brittany Club2017-02-16 OLAA 3 24Stan WilliamsonD Sneed
American Brittany Club, Inc.2017-01-18 AAA 1 23Fred SmithAllan Benson
Illinois Brittany Club2016-10-27 AAA 3 15Allen GorrowPam Baird
Illinois Brittany Club2016-10-27 OAA 2 13David CapstickJohn Burkhart
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2016-10-22 AAA 2 4Sean MorganTodd Parmenter
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2016-10-22 OAA 1 13Sean MorganDavid Johnson
American Brittany Club, Inc.2016-09-19 GOLAA 4 39Don KimbleMike Martin
Michigan Brittany Club2016-04-08 AAA 1 11Steve LauterbachRebecca R Walters
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2016-03-18 AAA 1 9Chris SennottJeffrey Stanton
Illinois Brittany Club2016-02-18 OAA 4 20Stan WilliamsonJohn Burkhart
Greater St. Louis Brittany Club2016-01-27 AAA 2 20Rodger FioritoMichael Poehler
Illinois Brittany Club2015-10-29 GOLAA 3 24Sean MorganJohn Burkhart
Iowa Brittany Club2013-09-23 OAA 2 14Bruce HeiterJeffrey Wallace
American Brittany Club, Inc.2013-01-12 OD 3 12Jerry McGeeTim Self
Southeastern Brittany Club2012-12-08 OD 1 10Bruce ConoverIvan Clark


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