DC Antares Serenade

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DC Antares Serenade

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SR73594801
Owner(s) P Hart/G Hart


Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2019-01-04 AGD 1 8Bob ErbeTammy Richmond
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2019-01-04 ALGD 4 8Tania CampbellTammy Richmond
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2018-11-30 AGD 2 11Bob ErbePam Stuart
North Florida GSP Club2018-11-02 ALGD 4 13Jean MatmorR Donohue
Mid Florida Brittany Club2017-03-10 AGD 3 18Jean MatmorCarl Anglen
Carolinas Pointing Dog Association2017-02-25 AGD 2 11Bill HollowayPhil Hearne
North Florida GSP Club2017-02-11 ALGD 3 8Tom HaganPhil Stout
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2017-01-06 AGD 1 14Stephanie DaughertyJay L Hallaron
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2016-12-29 OLGD 4 11Scott PhippsT L Baer
North Florida GSP Club2016-11-11 AGD 2 15Jean MatmorLisa Durham
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2016-11-05 AGD 4 16D EntlerEarl Fowls
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2016-11-05 OGD 3 15Earl FowlsJohn Davis
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2016-01-08 OLGD 1 16Don BonniceWayne James
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2015-12-04 AGD 2 15Bob ErbePam Stuart
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2013-10-04 OD 3 11Linda LangfordJames Doherty
Florida Panhandle GSP Club2013-03-08 AWP 2 4Marla FaverScott Phipps
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2013-03-01 AWP 2 8Mark CalderGreg Nicholson
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-02-15 AWP 1 5Jan ErbeChris O'Brien
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-02-15 OD 1 10Carl ChecklickBob Erbe
North Florida GSP Club2013-02-09 OD 2 8Carl ChecklickJan Erbe
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2013-01-25 AWP 4 10Marcia SchlesingerTania Campbell
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2013-01-25 OP 1 10Marcia SchlesingerTania Campbell
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2013-01-25 AWD 1 9Richard KrauseTania Campbell
Emerald Coast Vizsla Club2013-01-25 OD 3 8James DohertyTania Campbell
North Florida GSP Club2013-01-19 OP 3 10Bob ErbeKary Jorgensen
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-01-05 AWP 3 8Jim EustaceTania Campbell
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-01-05 OP 4 9Jessie RuelaTrish Burdin
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2013-01-05 OD 3 8Jean MatmorJim Eustace