Erbes Repete Ginger

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Erbes Repete Ginger

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR74600202
Owner(s) J Erbe


North Florida GSP Club2019-11-01 ALGD 1 14Jean MatmorR Donohue
North Florida GSP Club2018-12-14 AAA 4 6Jean MatmorPaul Hermes
North Florida GSP Club2018-11-02 OLGD 3 13Jean MatmorP Hart
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2018-05-04 AGD 4 8Ken ChenowethT Moorberg
North Florida GSP Club2018-03-31 ALGD 2 8Rebecca JacobsLisa Durham
Suncoast GWP Club of Mid-Florida2018-03-25 AGD 1 8Paul HermesR Donohue
North Florida GSP Club2018-02-10 ALGD 2 10Paul DanielBrandon Blum
Sunflower GSP Club2017-10-13 ALGD 4 13Randy Neises Sr.Thomas Wynn
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-08-26 AGD 2 20Mike ZimbelmanJames (JJJ) Juergens
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-05-13 AGD 3 7Howard BurbachMargo Bailey
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-05-13 ALGD 3 5Howard BurbachDarrin White
North Florida GSP Club2017-03-24 ALGD 2 19Tom HaganPaul Daniel
North Florida GSP Club2017-03-24 OGD 4 22Judy HamiltonPaul Daniel
Mid Florida Brittany Club2017-03-10 OGD 3 18Lisa DurhamKary Jorgensen
Central Florida GSP Club2017-01-27 AGD 1 9Stephanie DaughertyStephanie Kleinman
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-05-08 AWD 3 4Jeffrey WallaceStephen Hetmanek
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2014-04-25 AWD 1 4Bruce BryantSusan Oertel
GWP Club of Central Iowa2014-03-13 OD 1 8B CollerSusan Oertel
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2014-03-10 OD 2 10B CollerSusan Oertel
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2014-02-20 OD 4 9Rodney AlbinTrish Burdin
GSP Club of America2014-02-18 OD 3 4John LeavittB Coller
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2013-11-21 AWP 3 11Allison BellJarrett Bell
Sunflower GSP Club2013-10-11 OP 1 9Terry GowinPeter Wilkin
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-08-24 OP 1 14James (JJJ) JuergensB D Silcott
GSP Club of Nebraska2013-05-09 OP 3 12Jim Douglass JRJeffrey Wallace
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2013-04-26 AWP 3 10Mike ZimbelmanTroy Ryan
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2013-04-26 OP 3 18Jim Douglass JRBonnie Bergmeyer
GSP Club of Lincoln2013-04-06 OP 2 15Bonnie BergmeyerMargo Bailey
GSP Club of Atlanta2013-03-01 OP 3 14Tania CampbellDarcy DuVal