Shadow's Tequila Twister

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Shadow's Tequila Twister

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR25374405
Owner(s) S Morgan


Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2010-03-20 OAA 3 14Joseph Kim MarlattDennis Sullivan
Hoosier Brittany Club2006-10-28 OD 1 10Kent MerrymanJerry McGee
La Salle Brittany Club2006-10-20 AWD 1 8Kathy GulemboRon Gulembo
La Salle Brittany Club2006-10-20 OD 4 12Kent MerrymanHarold Heather
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2006-09-30 OD 2 4Jim DemayKevin Remmers
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2006-09-09 OD 4 6Carly Thompson-MartinMichael Poehler
Illinois Brittany Club2006-05-06 AWP 3 8Ed JanulisDonna Janulis
La Salle Brittany Club2006-03-31 OP 3 10Scott OehlHarry Oldham
Heart of Illinois Brittany Club2006-03-24 OP 2 4Carly Thompson-MartinRebecca R Walters