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NGDC FC AFC Doc Holliday's Side By Side

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SR73628202
Owner(s) S Van Kooten


AKC Pointing Breed Walking Gun Dog Championship2019-04-13 NGOGDC 3 40Kent PattersonAndrew Campbell
Sunflower GSP Club2019-03-22 ALGD 4 25Jay SchroederThomas Wynn
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2018-12-30 ALGD 1 13Rodney AlbinJustin Allen
Heart of America GSP Club2018-12-08 OLGD 3 9Robert YarboroughThomas Wynn
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2018-10-08 NAFC 4 19Chris GoeganM Aldrich
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2018-09-15 OLGD 4 22Gary FrommeDan Collins
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2018-04-28 OLGD 2 7Eric CookMick Cheshire
Heart of America GSP Club2017-12-02 ALGD 3 7Richard ColemanA Burch
Heart of America GSP Club2017-12-02 OLGD 4 6Kendall BrownWayland Russell
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2017-11-06 NFC 4 37Frank VicariStan Noble
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2017-05-13 ALGD 3 14Gary FrommeJohn Mahoney
Hawkeye Vizsla Club2017-04-21 OLGD 2 26Kendall BrownDave Carlson
Three Trails Vizsla Club of Kansas City2017-03-11 OLGD 2 4Howard BurbachRichard Coleman
South Louisiana Vizsla Club2017-02-04 OLGD 2 14Clint SailsMike Heller
GSP Club of Oklahoma2016-11-05 OLGD 1 6Randy Neises Sr.Robert Yarborough
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2016-04-22 ALGD 3 10Leonard MoralesDan Collins
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2016-04-22 OLGD 1 6Gary FrommeThomas Wynn
Vizsla Club of America, Inc.2016-03-21 OGD 1 28Jack FlynnTimothy Zick
Three Trails Vizsla Club of Kansas City2016-03-05 OLGD 2 13John SmallChad Chadwell
Trinity Valley Vizsla Club2016-02-13 AGD 1 13Dave VogelsangSkip Wonnell
South Louisiana Vizsla Club2016-02-06 ALGD 3 16Justin AllenJames W Spencer
South Louisiana Vizsla Club2016-02-06 OGD 1 17Mike HellerJustin Allen
Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club2016-01-23 AGD 2 15Ray MullenRodney W Moon
Texas Gulf Coast Vizsla Club2016-01-23 OGD 2 13Burnie StokesRodney W Moon
GSP Club of Oklahoma2015-10-31 OGD 4 18Joanne BeckleySkip Wonnell
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2015-09-12 AGD 1 14Alan DavisonGary Fromme
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2015-05-16 AGD 1 16Kevin B WaideGary Fromme
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2015-04-17 ALGD 2 15Marc DevosSteve Bailey
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2015-03-06 ALGD 3 20Timothy HidalgoDuane Kirkley
Trinity Valley Vizsla Club2015-02-07 OGD 2 23Skip WonnellJulie LaRue
GSP Club of Colorado2013-10-04 OP 3 17Eric CookJanice Branam
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2013-09-20 AWP 1 5Sabrina CorlissAaron Davis
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2013-09-20 OP 3 13Sabrina CorlissRobbie Roy Myers
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2013-05-25 OD 2 8Marc DevosRobbie Roy Myers
Rocky Mountain Vizsla Club2013-05-18 OP 3 13Aaron DavisMark Keegan