DC AFC Kinwashkly Jd's Super Hero

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DC AFC Kinwashkly Jd's Super Hero

AKC Number SR76991601
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) J Martirone/D Martirone/J Currier
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Call Name    Cooper
Sire     DC GCH Masked Jack Of Diamonds
Dam     Kinwashkly Defiant Diefenbaker


Georgia Brittany Club2018-01-24 GOLGD 4 25Aline ScharpfM Mays
Pointer Associates of New England2017-09-30 OLGD 4 14Linda McCartney-RoyJoe Amatulli
Central New England Brittany Club2017-09-08 ALGD 2 21Edward Kostka JRToby Tobiassen
Brittany Club of Upper New York2017-09-02 OLGD 1 28Edward Kostka JRFrank Cavalieri
Central Maine Brittany Club2017-05-27 AGD 1 13Martin GarrellMichelle Sala
Del-Val Brittany Club2017-04-21 OGD 4 8Judy KiracofeWayne Horner
American Brittany Club, Inc.2016-10-04 GALGD 2 17Mitchell SwierczynskiSmitty Gayheart
Central New England Brittany Club2016-09-17 OGD 1 40Tom MercierCory Roy
Brittany Club of Upper New York2016-09-03 ALGD 3 20Audra JaconettiDennis Hazel
Anthracite Brittany Club2016-05-21 OLGD 1 17Dan ReinBrent Rupnow
Hudson Valley GSP Club2016-04-29 ALGD 1 15Steven KreuserDennis Hazel
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.2016-03-11 ALGD 2 15Steve LauterbachJames Winnen
Old Dominion Vizsla Club2015-10-23 AGD 3 16Chris CarnahanDiana Haynes
Pennsylvania Brittany Club2015-05-02 OGD 2 21Debra ZaktanskyBill Haynes
Central New England Brittany Club2014-04-12 AWD 2 12Arthur HembroughMichael Blondin
Central New England Brittany Club2014-04-12 OD 3 19Michelle SalaMichael Blondin
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2014-03-07 OD 2 12Ellen CavallaDayna Rusciano
Anthracite Brittany Club2013-11-09 OP 2 6Dan ReinBrent Rupnow
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2013-11-08 OP 4 4Jeffrey DroginTracy Faber
Maryland Brittany Club2013-10-12 OP 2 6Leslie CasselberryLisa Pollock
Susquehanna Brittany Club, Inc.2013-10-05 OP 2 4Jim HeckertLisa Miller
Del-Val Brittany Club2013-09-27 AWP 4 6Hans BorgmannLisa Pollock
Del-Val Brittany Club2013-09-27 OP 4 9Joseph SikorskiBrent Rupnow
Garden State Weimaraner Club2013-09-21 OP 4 5Gus AllimonosStanley Zdon JR
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2013-08-31 AWP 2 12Bruce ConoverJeanne Rozowski


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