FC Llanos Game On Dude

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FC Llanos Game On Dude

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR78387301
Owner(s) J Inderman/C Inderman


Gulf Coast GSP Club2019-02-09 GOLAA 4 14Tom MilamDavid Quijano
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2018-09-27 GOLAA 3 17R A RankinT GELHAUS
GSP Club of Colorado2018-09-11 GOLAA 1 22Thomas DavisJoe Orndorff
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2018-04-22 GOLAA 4 11Kevin JoyceHelmut Schoen
GSP Club of Idaho2018-04-16 GOLAA 3 14Brian GingrichJ Skousen
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2017-09-28 GOLGD 3 35Matt JordanBill Monk
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2017-09-21 GOLAA 4 16Mark WassermanJim Michaletz
Gulf Coast GSP Club2017-02-13 GOLAA 1 9John SmallArwen Dabb
Gulf Coast GSP Club2017-02-13 GALGD 1 14Keith BryantArwen Dabb
Gulf Coast GSP Club2017-02-11 OGD 1 21David QuijanoKeith Bryant
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2016-09-22 OAA 2 16Leonard MoralesXavier Franco
Gulf Coast GSP Club2016-02-15 GALGD 3 24M AldrichJoe Orndorff
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2015-09-24 OGD 3 44Dean R CrabbsLARRY SMITH
Hill Country Pointing Dog Club2015-03-14 AGD 3 18Timothy HidalgoDavid Quijano
Heart of America GSP Club2014-09-26 OD 1 5Mike MartinThomas Wynn
Lone Star GSP Club2014-01-16 OP 1 10Michael PirtleD Brath