The Kansas Wind

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The Kansas Wind

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR76533401
Owner(s) K Sanderson


Heart of America GSP Club2017-10-06 OAA 2 9Ken ChenowethJames Burch
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-05-13 OAA 1 9Larry LoftinDarrin White
GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-04-14 GOLGD 2 24Randy CaldwellJarrett Bell
Ringneck GSP Club2017-04-04 GOLAA 4 14Dan VossRandy Rathman
Midwest Brittany Club2017-03-24 AGD 2 8Larry G MeeksMike Lager
GSP Club of America2016-05-10 OLAA 2 8Peter WilkinBob Erbe
Heart of America GSP Club2016-04-01 OLGD 1 19James BurchJarrett Bell
GSP Club of Nebraska2015-05-07 AAA 4 11Mike ZimbelmanTimothy Thaden
Sunflower GSP Club2015-03-13 OLGD 1 13Peter WilkinWayland Russell
Heart of America GSP Club2014-12-06 OD 1 8Jon HannJoanne Beckley
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-09-18 OLAA 1 9Robert HendersonBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Nebraska2014-05-08 OD 1 12Mike ZimbelmanTimothy Thaden
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2014-05-02 OP 1 8David TaylorCynthia Findley
Heart of America GSP Club2014-03-28 OP 2 9Skip WonnellChase Verdoorn
Heart of America GSP Club2014-03-28 OD 1 13Caleb BrysonTrasa Shinpoch