Pursuit's Mistaken Id

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Pursuit's Mistaken Id

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR78201301
Owner(s) J Hallaron/J Hallaron


GSP Club of South Georgia2019-12-06 OLGD 4 16Mike MullineauxT Smith
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2019-02-20 ALGD 1 20Chris GoeganJerry Webb
Middle Georgia English Setter Club of Milledgeville2019-02-02 OGD 2 13Jim WallaceD C Price
Georgia Brittany Club2019-01-24 GOLGD 2 26Jim WallaceJohn Perry
Mid Florida Brittany Club2019-01-10 OGD 3 18Judy HamiltonKary Jorgensen
Georgia Brittany Club2018-12-06 OGD 3 16Wayne JamesPaul Daniel
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2017-12-28 OGD 2 23Timothy ZickRon Lambert
Middle Georgia Field Trial Club2017-11-24 OGD 2 22Jeffrey CravenB T Sims
GSP Club of South Georgia2017-02-17 OLGD 2 17Greg LegerB Coller
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-02-02 OLGD 4 23Nikolaus ScharpfB Coller
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2014-04-11 OP 1 12Dennis SullivanMark Johnson