DC GCH AFC Copley's Dangerous Three Olive Martini

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DC GCH AFC Copley's Dangerous Three Olive Martini

AKC Number SR78945001
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) M O'Donnell/L O'Donnell/L Pollock
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Brittany Club of Upper New York2017-09-02 OGD 2 23K Pillion-SchrammJ O'Shea
Southern Maryland English Setter Club2017-02-18 AGD 1 23Douglas WelshFrank Luksa
Southern Maryland English Setter Club2016-11-12 AGD 1 14Charlene GibsonErica Bandes
Del-Val Brittany Club2016-09-23 AGD 2 15Dan ReinT L Hoverter
Brittany Club of Upper New York2016-09-03 AGD 4 13Audra JaconettiDennis Hazel
Anthracite Brittany Club2016-05-21 OGD 1 23John PerryMartin Lorish
Anthracite Brittany Club2016-05-21 OLGD 4 17Dan ReinBrent Rupnow
Ohio Brittany Club, Inc.2016-03-17 OGD 4 28Stan WilliamsonBill Haynes
Buckeye Brittany Club2016-03-11 AGD 1 15Dan TenagliaRichard Pristov
Kentucky Brittany Club2015-03-20 AGD 3 8James WinnenBrian Riggle
Georgia Brittany Club2015-01-22 OD 1 8Patti Allen HuntMichael Blondin
Southeastern Brittany Club2015-01-15 OD 3 6Judy KiracofeFred Potts
North Jersey Brittany Club, Inc.2014-10-31 OD 2 5Hans BorgmannT L Hoverter
Central New England Brittany Club2014-09-20 OP 1 10Thomas TazzaEdward Kostka JR
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2014-05-03 AWP 3 8Edward KerrShan Wessels
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2014-05-03 OP 4 8Thomas GeorgeJoanne Perry
Del-Val Brittany Club2014-04-25 AWP 2 3Jeffrey DroginEdward Kerr


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