FC High Roll-N's Cr@P Shoot

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FC High Roll-N's Cr@P Shoot

AKC Number SR73730304
Owner(s) T Zick


Lansing GSP Club2017-05-05 OGD 2 19Marc McKinleyJoe Amatulli
GSP Club of Ohio2017-04-28 OLGD 1 16Tom HaganArthur Terstage
GSP Club of South Georgia2017-02-17 OGD 1 10G E FussellJohn Davis
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-02-02 ALGD 3 14Bill BrentJeffrey Craven
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-01-12 OLGD 2 19Tania CampbellJohn Davis
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2016-12-29 AGD 1 14Tom HagenP C Guay
Central Georgia Pointing Dog Club2016-12-29 GALGD 1 14Tom HagenRon Lambert
Twin Cities GWP Club2016-04-29 AGD 2 17Arthur ArmbrustJeff Hoff
Four Lakes GSP Club2015-09-26 OGD 2 20Todd MannsPatrick Vande Hei
Central Wisconsin Vizsla Club2015-09-11 OGD 1 19Lori RezzardiAdam DeLude
GWP Club of Wisconsin2015-08-29 OGD 3 18Sam ThompsonLori Rezzardi
Twin Cities GWP Club2014-09-19 AGD 1 8Mark SmithAdam DeLude