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FC Trinity's Chk Xpert Witness

Breed English Setter
AKC Number SR81455510
Owner(s) C Findley


Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2019-02-15 AGD 2 20Ben KuykendallWesley Felt
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2018-02-10 AGD 4 17Wesley FeltDavid Downing
GSP Club of Minnesota2017-05-19 OGD 2 19Mike HellerDave Carlson
Twin Cities GWP Club2017-05-15 OGD 1 26Bjorn PetersonJ Zeman
North Dakota Pointing Dog Club2017-05-13 AGD 1 14Rob TomczakBrian Gingrich
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2017-02-11 OGD 1 19Wesley FeltJulie LaRue
Iowa Brittany Club2016-09-23 AGD 4 13Bruce HeiterTommy N Thomas
English Setter Association of America, Inc.2015-10-13 OD 1 13Stan TruksaKevin Stonehouse
GSP Club of Idaho2015-04-10 OP 2 7Gary MoenRay Larrondo
GSP Club of Lincoln2015-04-04 OP 2 21Bonnie BergmeyerSusan Oertel
GSP Club of Lincoln2015-04-04 OD 3 8Bonnie BergmeyerSusan Oertel
Midwest Brittany Club2015-03-27 OD 4 20Don KimbleJustin D Hagedorn
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2014-10-11 OP 2 4Thomas LococoBruce Bryant