FC Hang Em High Kate Of Elk Creek

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FC Hang Em High Kate Of Elk Creek

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR84350505
Owner(s) J Schnipkoweit


Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2020-03-14 ALGD 4 13K DonohueS Thielen
Heart of America GSP Club2020-03-06 ALGD 2 8Richard WaltersK Donohue
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2019-08-30 ALGD 3 8John RabidouGeorge Newcomb
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2019-05-03 OGD 1 8Jan ErbeBruce Bryant
Nebraska Vizsla Club2018-09-29 AGD 3 15Stephen HetmanekBruce Bryant
Nebraska Vizsla Club2018-09-29 OLGD 2 13Bruce BryantDarrin White
GSP Club of Nebraska2018-09-20 OGD 1 28Richard WaltersS Roker
GSP Club of Nebraska2018-08-25 OLGD 3 12Thomas LococoS Thielen
Nebraska Brittany Club2017-09-08 OGD 4 19Bruce BryantJ Douglas
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2017-05-06 OGD 1 13Ken ChenowethBruce Bryant
GSP Club of Lincoln2017-04-07 OGD 3 14Bonnie BergmeyerJan Erbe
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2017-04-01 OGD 3 18Margo BaileyDarrin White
Central Florida GSP Club2017-01-27 OLGD 3 4Stephanie DaughertyStephanie Kleinman
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2016-12-01 OLGD 4 12Erica BandesT L Baer
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2015-05-01 AWP 4 6Bruce BryantDarrin White
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2015-05-01 OP 2 8Larry LoftinDarrin White
GSP Club of Lincoln2015-03-07 OP 2 11Bonnie BergmeyerTimothy Thaden
Heart of America GSP Club2015-02-14 AWP 3 8Arthur ArmbrustBrooks Carmichael