High Plains Ramblin Gamblin Man

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High Plains Ramblin Gamblin Man

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR81323104
Owner(s) K Waide


Northern Colorado Brittany Club2019-05-25 AGD 1 6Michael PatrickGary Fromme
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2019-05-25 OGD 1 13Tracy HainesDan Collins
GSP Club of Colorado2019-05-04 AGD 2 13Steve BaileyBridget Bailey
Colorado Pointer Club2019-03-30 AGD 1 8Aaron DavisJohn Mahoney
Colorado Pointer Club2019-03-30 OGD 2 13Gary FrommeJohn Mahoney
GSP Club of Colorado2018-10-05 AGD 1 14Allen DavisDan Collins
GSP Club of Colorado2018-10-05 OGD 3 27Jeff HoskinsKelly Porter
Colorado Pointer Club2018-09-29 AGD 3 11Corey LingDan Collins
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2018-09-21 AGD 3 9Mark KeeganJames Adrian
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2018-09-21 OLGD 1 27Mark KeeganGary Fromme
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2018-05-26 AGD 4 14Timothy HidalgoDan Collins
GSP Club of Colorado2018-05-05 AGD 2 13Christopher BryantDan Collins
GSP Club of Colorado2018-05-05 OGD 3 19Jeff HoskinsChristopher Bryant
Northern Colorado Brittany Club2015-10-31 OD 2 10Michael PatrickAllen Davis
GSP Club of Colorado2015-10-02 OD 1 6Alan DavisonJanice Branam
GSP Club of Colorado2015-04-10 OD 3 4Eric CookGary Fromme
Colorado Pointer Club2015-03-21 OP 3 8Alan DavisonAaron Davis
Colorado Pointer Club2015-03-21 OD 2 5Corey LingAllen Davis