FC Renegade's Pancho

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FC Renegade's Pancho

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR77360704
Owner(s) L Schmitz


California Brittany Club2019-01-25 AGD 2 24Willie Stevens JRWayne Hale
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2018-11-03 AGD 4 18Michael EisenLouis D'Alessandro
Northern California Brittany Club2018-09-29 AGD 4 21Connie SmithR Poole
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2018-04-07 AGD 1 10Sarah ChvilicekAaron Fausett
High Sierra GSP Club2017-11-11 AGD 4 15Steve CosgraveLeif Lendrop
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2017-11-04 AGD 4 18J RhineE W Eizman
Southern San Joaquin Valley Brittany Club2017-10-21 OGD 2 30Patti Van De CoeveringClaude Kilpatrick
Northern California Brittany Club2017-09-29 OLGD 1 13Karen HolmesJim Murphy
Northern California Brittany Club2017-08-19 AGD 4 17Karen HolmesAlan Brann
GSP Club of Reno2017-05-05 OGD 3 19Sarah ChvilicekRaul Pineda
San Diego Brittany Club, Inc.2017-02-04 OGD 2 25Michael EisenWillie Stevens JR
South Coast Vizsla Club, Inc.2017-01-20 OLGD 4 16David BillsMatthew Lee Smith
Southern San Joaquin Valley Brittany Club2016-10-22 OGD 2 25Ellis HerzBill Landress
GSP Club of Reno2016-06-04 OGD 3 14Esteri HinmanChristine Zink
GWP Club of Northern California2016-05-21 ALGD 1 18Steven ArtisMike Menasco
GWP Club of Southern California2016-02-26 OGD 2 20Michael VazNicole Hanzel
GSP Club of Santa Clara Valley2016-02-05 OGD 2 21Tom GriffinDerrick Mullin
GSP Club of Reno2015-10-31 OGD 1 16Sarah ChvilicekJim Murphy
GSP Club of Reno2015-05-30 OGD 4 14Lynda SwartRonald Dunagan
Vizsla Club of Northern California2015-04-25 OLGD 3 18Sarah ChvilicekRichard Green
GSP Club of Northern Sacramento Val2015-04-11 OGD 2 15Sarah ChvilicekJames Simmons