J Wells' Dixieland Saddle Snakebite

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J Wells' Dixieland Saddle Snakebite

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR82632106
Owner(s) J Wells


Hudson Valley GSP Club2019-06-07 OAA 2 8Katrin TazzaRuss Bigus
Hudson Valley GSP Club2019-06-07 OLGD 4 13Debra FreidusT Boscardin
Long Island Pointing Dog Field Trial Club2019-05-11 OLGD 1 6John LuceyAndrew Campbell
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2019-04-26 OGD 1 15Robert VauldingLaura Miller
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2019-04-26 OAA 1 9Robert VauldingK Aitken
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2019-04-12 OLGD 2 11Joanne PerryAnthony Rusciano
GSP Club of Ohio2018-09-28 OGD 1 21Chris YoungW A Kitts
GSP Club of Ohio2018-09-28 OAA 4 8Mark CalderChris Young
GSP Club of Ohio2018-09-28 OLGD 4 18Mark CalderJim Wallace
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2018-04-27 OGD 1 18Allen WelchLaura Miller
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2018-04-27 OLGD 2 8Allen WelchLaura Miller
Southern New England Brittany Club2018-04-21 OAA 2 7Mitchell SwierczynskiAndrew Campbell
TarTan Gordon Setter Club2018-04-14 OGD 2 14Patrick CallahanTracy Faber
Hudson Valley GSP Club2017-09-22 OAA 1 5Jeffrey CurrierT Boscardin
Southern New England Brittany Club2017-04-28 OAA 4 14Michael BlondinKimberly Eaton
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2017-04-20 OAA 4 7Christopher RiderRobert Vaulding
Hudson Valley GSP Club2016-09-23 OAA 2 10Kimberly EatonCory Roy
Hudson Valley GSP Club2015-06-05 AWP 4 10Robert FasulloTracy Faber
Long Island Pointing Dog Field Trial Club2015-05-09 OP 1 7Edwin ShuppBrian B Frattaroli
Long Island Pointing Dog Field Trial Club2015-05-09 AWD 1 7Dennis HazelFrank Luksa
Long Island Pointing Dog Field Trial Club2015-05-09 OD 2 7Edwin ShuppFrank Luksa