Chk Quantonas Rolling Rock

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Chk Quantonas Rolling Rock

AKC Number SR87965104
Breed Irish Setter
Owner(s) K Aitken/A Shupe
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Call Name    Cooler   (see home page)
Dam     Russell's New Day


Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2018-10-28 NAFC 3 16Kevin B WaideDickie Sorrell
Eastern Irish Setter Association2018-10-20 OAA 1 9Frank WattersRhonda Cornum
Colorado Pointer Club2017-09-30 OAA 4 16Gary FrommeJanice Branam
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2016-10-30 OD 3 11Stephen SaltJerry Oswalt
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2015-10-25 OD 3 23Terry ZygalinskiDickie Sorrell
Monterey Bay English Setter Club2015-10-03 OP 1 6Lynda SwartJames Simmons
East Seattle Pointing Dog Club2015-08-14 OP 3 11Larry SchwerdtE W Eizman


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