FC Jr's Cool Hand Luke

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FC Jr's Cool Hand Luke

AKC Number SR85367201
Breed Brittany
Owner(s) M Harris
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Southern Kansas Brittany Club, Inc.2017-10-13 OAA 3 22Robert ThompsonJ PALMER
Iowa Brittany Club2017-09-29 OAA 1 28Dano MorfB Steinmetz
Missouri Valley Brittany Club, Inc.2017-09-15 OAA 1 20Dano MorfTommy N Thomas
St Croix Valley Brittany Club2017-05-05 OAA 3 28Bret LindbackTommy N Thomas
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2017-01-27 OAA 3 18Ronnie SaleKeith Richardson
GSP Club of Oklahoma2016-04-09 AWD 4 6Wayland RussellThomas Wynn
Iowa Brittany Club2016-04-01 OD 4 24Julie NelsonCharles Schaefer
Sunflower GSP Club2016-03-18 AWD 1 5Randy Neises Sr.Thomas Wynn
Sooner Brittany Club2016-02-26 OD 4 17Tom MilamR A Rankin
GSP Club of Oklahoma2016-02-20 OP 3 14Joanne BeckleyThomas Wynn
GSP Club of Oklahoma2016-02-20 AWD 2 9Joanne BeckleyThomas Wynn
GSP Club of Oklahoma2016-02-20 OD 1 10Joanne BeckleyWayland Russell
GSP Club of Oklahoma2016-02-20 AWP 1 13Joanne BeckleyThomas Wynn
Sunflower GSP Club2016-02-13 AWP 1 4Jay SchroederThomas Wynn
Sunflower GSP Club2016-02-13 OP 1 7Jay SchroederThomas Wynn
Gateway GSP Club2016-02-06 AWP 2 4Richard J MillerCaleb Bryson
Gateway GSP Club2016-02-06 OP 2 4Holly HatfieldWayland Russell
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2015-10-09 OD 4 7Kim OchoaE J Hall
Skyline Brittany Club, Inc.2015-09-18 AWP 3 13Jeff HoskinsMary Hidalgo
Nebraska Brittany Club2015-09-04 OD 3 9Bruce BryantClifford Weaver


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