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Falcons Forever Forward

Breed Gordon Setter
AKC Number SR84033817
Owner(s) C Clock


Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2019-02-15 OGD 4 20Wesley FeltCynthia Findley
Nodrog Gordon Setter Club of Michigan2018-10-13 OGD 3 18Paul ReniusMartina Friedeberg
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club2015-10-16 OP 4 5Christopher MeyerRonald Telfare
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2015-10-03 OP 1 12Martina FriedebergRobert Smith
Irish Setter Club of Michigan2015-10-03 OD 1 10Daniel GrahamSusan Borocz
Eastern Irish Setter Association2015-09-12 OP 4 8Kevin CulverJeanne Culver