FC AFC P J Wildfires Little Lexi

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FC AFC P J Wildfires Little Lexi

AKC Number SR86506706
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) J Vicari
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Indian Nations Brittany Club2018-02-23 AAA 4 13R A RankinDavid Downing
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2018-02-10 AAA 2 13Molly B WardWesley Felt
Alamo Brittany Club2018-01-19 AGD 1 15Charlie CollierE J Hall
Alamo Brittany Club2018-01-19 AAA 1 13Vic CarringtonCharlie Collier
Alamo Brittany Club2018-01-19 OGD 1 13Wesley FeltCharlie Collier
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2018-01-15 AGD 3 16Timothy HidalgoE J Hall
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2018-01-15 AAA 1 8Timothy HidalgoCharlie Collier
Fort Worth Brittany Club2018-01-12 AGD 4 17Ben KuykendallDavid Downing
Fort Worth Brittany Club2018-01-12 AAA 2 13Vic CarringtonMitsue Nakamura
Fort Worth Brittany Club2018-01-12 OGD 2 15Bret LindbackT L Baer
GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-11-10 OGD 2 25Bruce BryantDarrin White
GSP Club of Central Iowa2017-11-10 AGD 3 25John HouckRandy Caldwell
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2017-10-13 AGD 1 8Richard WaltersGarvin Collins
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2017-10-13 ALGD 1 13Arthur ArmbrustMargo Bailey
Nebraska Vizsla Club2017-09-30 ALGD 2 13Bonnie BergmeyerMike Zimbelman
Nebraska Vizsla Club2017-09-30 OGD 3 19Thomas LococoDavid Bartlett
Nebraska Brittany Club2017-09-08 OGD 1 19Bruce BryantJ Douglas
GSP Club Of Lincoln2017-09-01 ALGD 2 10Thomas LococoBonnie Bergmeyer
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-08-26 ALGD 2 10Mike ZimbelmanJames (JJJ) Juergens
GSP Club of Nebraska2017-08-26 OLGD 4 8Bob ErbeKeith Bryant
Minnesota Brittany Club2017-05-26 AGD 4 18Josh HoldenDave Carlson
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2017-05-13 AGD 2 13Paul HowardJeffrey Stanton
Wisconsin Weimaraner Club2017-05-13 OGD 2 14Paul HowardAdam DeLude
Northstar Weimaraner Club2017-05-10 OGD 2 14Chris SennottKevin Jahr
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2017-05-06 AGD 2 16Jim GingrichCraig Donze
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2017-05-06 OGD 1 13Joe PorwollJim Gingrich
Irish Setter Club of America, Inc.2017-05-06 OLGD 1 8Mark JohnsonG Haines
GWP Club of Wisconsin2017-04-28 AGD 3 20Paul HowardWilliam Bastian
GWP Club of Wisconsin2017-04-28 OGD 2 19William BastianLee C Wagoner
Badger Brittany Club2017-04-21 AGD 2 18Sam ThompsonAdam DeLude
Badger Brittany Club2017-04-21 OGD 2 14Robert PowellBill Stapleton
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2017-04-15 OGD 1 8Adam DeLudeDavid Oberst
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2017-04-15 OLGD 1 4Tom JagielskiJames Brigham
La Salle Brittany Club2017-03-31 AGD 4 16Bobbie L SigmundBrian Riggle
La Salle Brittany Club2016-10-14 AWD 1 12Sean MorganCharles Schaefer
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-10-08 AWD 3 10Rodger FioritoPaul Kuipers
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2016-10-08 OD 2 10Susan JanuschkaB Steinmetz
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois2016-03-19 AWP 2 8Teresa RichmondSharon Fitzpatrick
Weimaraner Club of Northern Illinois2016-03-19 OP 1 8Teresa RichmondTimothy W Cummings
La Salle Brittany Club2015-10-16 AWP 2 7Michael Mikoff JRPaul Kuipers
La Salle Brittany Club2015-10-16 AWD 1 20Larry BatesB Steinmetz
La Salle Brittany Club2015-10-16 OD 1 15Julie NelsonMichael Mikoff JR
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2015-10-10 OD 4 15Dennis SullivanBill Stapleton
Greater Milwaukee Brittany Club2015-10-10 OP 3 5Harold HeatherBill Stapleton
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2015-09-05 AWP 3 7Sharon FitzpatrickAdam DeLude
Fort Dearborn GSP Club2015-09-05 OP 2 6Sharon FitzpatrickAdam DeLude


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