FC AFC Twin Creeks Running Ruger

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FC AFC Twin Creeks Running Ruger

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR86811501
Owner(s) H Turner


GSP Club of America2018-10-15 NAFC 1 77R A RankinArthur Terstage
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2018-10-12 AAA 2 8S RokerT Moorberg
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2018-10-12 OAA 2 8Bruce BryantDarrin White
Frontier GSP Club of Cheyenne2018-09-20 GALGD 3 29John SmallG Johnson
Nebraska Brittany Club2018-09-07 OAA 4 13Kendall BrownJeffrey Wallace
GSP Club Of Lincoln2018-08-31 OAA 1 8Jim Douglass JRJeffrey Wallace
Four Lakes GSP Club2018-05-18 OLGD 1 25Dennis PierceTimothy Zick
GSP Club of Michigan2018-05-12 AGD 1 18Jim YatesThomas Frederick
GSP Club of Michigan2018-05-12 OAA 2 5Blake RizzoWill Langley
Lansing GSP Club2018-05-04 AGD 1 21Mike MullineauxScott Weslow
GSP Club of Lincoln2018-04-27 OAA 1 8Jim Douglass JRTom Tracy
GSP Club of Central Iowa2018-04-13 GOLGD 4 26Dano MorfGailen Cooper
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2018-03-30 AAA 1 8Mike ZimbelmanS Thielen
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2018-03-30 OAA 2 4Bruce BryantDarrin White
Ringneck GSP Club2018-03-23 GALGD 4 17Chuck PariettiLance Schulz
Western Iowa Pointing Dog Club2018-03-02 OAA 1 4Bruce BryantDarrin White
Indian Nations Brittany Club2018-02-23 AAA 1 13R A RankinDavid Downing
Alamo Brittany Club2018-01-19 AAA 3 13Vic CarringtonCharlie Collier
GSP Club of Lincoln2017-04-07 OLGD 3 20Mike ZimbelmanRandy Caldwell
Indian Nations Brittany Club2017-02-24 AAA 1 9Timothy HidalgoM Harris
GSP Club of San Antonio2016-12-02 OGD 4 18Sherrie Balaski-MoseleyCharlie Collier
Lone Star GSP Club2016-01-14 OP 1 4Scott BodenstabRodney W Moon
Alamo Brittany Club2015-12-11 OD 1 12Tom LongfellowJoyce Miley
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2015-11-06 OP 1 5Tom MilamCharlie Collier
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2015-11-06 OD 2 12Kim OchoaE J Hall
Fort Worth Brittany Club2015-10-16 OP 3 8Dickie SorrellCharlie Collier