DC AFC Rusty Ridge Lucky Strike

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DC AFC Rusty Ridge Lucky Strike

Breed Brittany
AKC Number SR33747305
Owner(s) J Kilpatrick/C Kilpatrick


West Texas Brittany Club2015-02-19 AAA 2 13R A RankinKevin Temple
Greater Phoenix Brittany Club2015-01-07 AGD 2 19Thomas WorkmanT.W. BESENICK
Alamo Brittany Club2014-12-12 AAA 2 8James Baker 3Charlie Collier
Sooner Brittany Club2014-10-31 AAA 1 13R A RankinE J Hall
Indian Nations Brittany Club2014-10-24 AAA 3 4Michael PirtleBonnie Pirtle
Fort Worth Brittany Club2014-10-17 AGD 3 9Dale BarkerBen Kuykendall
Idaho Brittany Club2014-04-26 AGD 2 13John CushingWayne Hale
Washington Brittany Club, Inc.2014-04-18 OGD 3 34Joseph SchaeferDavid Kirk
Inland Empire Brittany Club2014-04-15 AGD 4 22John HendersonRoger Borine
Whid Isle Brittany Club2014-04-12 AGD 1 13Wayne DownJim Hammett
Neosho Valley Brittany Club2014-02-14 AAA 3 13R A RankinJon Humphrey
Northern Oklahoma Brittany Club2014-01-30 AAA 1 15Kelly WardJon Humphrey
Fort Worth Brittany Club2014-01-17 OAA 2 13Charlie CollierRhonda G Berg
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2013-11-08 OAA 3 13Kim OchoaE J Hall
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2013-11-08 AAA 2 13Kim OchoaE J Hall
Sooner Brittany Club2013-11-01 AAA 4 20Gary YoungBill Weaver
Indian Nations Brittany Club2013-10-25 AAA 4 13Jessica CarlsonWesley Felt
Fort Worth Brittany Club2013-10-18 AGD 2 16Dale BarkerBen Kuykendall
Fort Worth Brittany Club2013-10-18 OAA 4 13Terry TuleyRhonda G Berg
West Texas Brittany Club2013-10-04 AAA 1 13Jessica CarlsonDavid Bryan Reynolds
Sooner Brittany Club2013-03-01 AAA 2 14Mike GriffinJon Humphrey
West Texas Brittany Club2013-02-22 AAA 3 15Ben KuykendallVic Carrington
Texas Coastal Brittany Club2011-01-28 AAA 2 13Keith HickamRusty Calhoun
Northern Nevada Brittany Club2010-05-01 OAA 4 11Marilynne LittleDave Tompkins
Idaho Brittany Club2010-04-24 OAA 2 19Mark ShearmanJune McConnell
GWP Club of Southern California2010-02-26 OGD 2 33Robert SmithLeif Lendrop
GWP Club of Southern California2010-02-26 OLGD 4 31Michael VazTerry Erickson
California Brittany Club2010-01-23 OGD 4 35John CushingEllis Herz
California Brittany Club2009-10-30 OGD 4 24Craig LewisEllis Herz
Whid Isle Brittany Club2009-09-12 OGD 4 23Patti Van De CoeveringHeinz Ahlman
Oregon Brittany Club2009-04-04 OGD 1 26Hal EngelDaniel Green
Vizsla Club of Southern California2008-01-10 OD 3 14Craig LewisNicole Hanzel
Indian Nations Brittany Club2007-03-31 OD 1 16Conrad PlevnicBlake Biggs
Golden Empire Brittany Club2007-02-17 OD 1 13Dave WickensLeslie Like
Sierra View Brittany Club2007-02-10 OD 2 9Raymond NelsonBill Landress
High Desert Brittany2007-02-03 OD 2 9Chris BrighamDale Shores
California Brittany Club2007-01-20 OP 1 19Leslie VargasKarla Weber
Bluebonnet Brittany Club (f/k/a Waco Bluebonnet)2006-11-15 OP 4 10James WortmanRon Metz