Bella Blue Dixie

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Bella Blue Dixie

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR75678001
Owner(s) J Roland


GSP Club of North Carolina2019-02-23 OLGD 1 8Al LucasMr. D w Brooks II
Carolinas Pointing Dog Association2019-01-18 OGD 1 17Joe StringerPhil Hearne
Ashwood Plantation Pointing Dog Club2018-12-14 ALGD 1 9Al LucasPhil Hearne
Ashwood Plantation Pointing Dog Club2018-12-14 OLGD 1 13Melissa ThomasPhil Hearne
GSP Club of North Carolina2018-02-16 AGD 2 6Melissa ThomasFred Lowry
GSP Club of North Carolina2017-03-10 AGD 3 11Joe StringerDoug Miller
Carolinas Pointing Dog Association2017-01-20 AGD 4 13Joe StringerClint Sails
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2016-12-29 ALGD 2 6Marla FaverRick Hopkins
GSP Club of North Carolina2015-10-30 AGD 1 10Rick HopkinsDoug Miller