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NFC FC On Points Son Of The Max

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR34706206
Owner(s) T Thaden


GSP Club of Nebraska2013-08-24 OAA 2 9Jim Douglass JRBob Erbe
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2013-04-26 OAA 4 17Bob ErbeLarry Loftin
GSP Club of Nebraska2012-09-20 OAA 2 19Peter WilkinKevin Kuiper
GSP Club of America2009-10-12 NFC 1 36Robert ThompsonTom Davis
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2009-10-10 OLGD 3 25David BorgJim Douglass JR
Nebraska Vizsla Club2009-09-26 OLGD 1 26Thomas LococoJack Higgins
GSP Club of Nebraska2009-09-17 AAA 2 14Ray DohseStephen Hetmanek
GSP Club of America2009-05-10 OLAA 4 11David TaylorDavid Walker
GSP Club of Nebraska2009-05-07 OAA 3 22Peter WilkinKen Levy
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2009-04-24 AAA 3 9Mike ZimbelmanStephen Hetmanek
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2009-04-24 OAA 3 18Greg SandHeath Kooima
Lone Star GSP Club2009-01-22 OLGD 4 27Robert BaylisFrank Delmont
GSP Club of Nebraska2007-09-21 OD 1 28Larry LoftinBruce Bryant
Twin Cities GWP Club2007-05-18 OP 1 17John LunsethRocky Gilleard
GSP Club of Nebraska2007-05-11 OP 3 32Peter WilkinGreg Sand
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2007-04-28 AWP 1 8Joe FingerlinPaula Abbot
Sunflower GSP Club2007-03-23 OP 3 12Mike SodiniPeter Wilkin
GWP Club of Eastern Nebraska2007-02-17 AWP 1 11Thomas LococoTom Maneely