FC Texas Jazzed Up Blues

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FC Texas Jazzed Up Blues

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR90235908
Owner(s) T Bomer/K Bomer


Gulf Coast GSP Club2019-02-09 AGD 2 16Gene MoseleyDave Vogelsang
Lone Star GSP Club2019-01-15 GOLGD 3 40John SmallJ Langford
Gulf Coast GSP Club2018-11-12 AGD 1 15Dave VogelsangXavier Franco
Gulf Coast GSP Club2018-11-12 OGD 1 22Gene MoseleyDave Vogelsang
Gulf Coast GSP Club2018-11-12 GOLGD 4 20E J HallXavier Franco
Gulf Coast GSP Club2018-11-12 GALGD 2 13Andy GerdesXavier Franco
Heart of America GSP Club2018-10-04 OGD 1 8Clayton CummingsR J Thompson
GSP Club of America2018-05-13 ALGD 2 13R DonohueS Thielen
Heart of America GSP Club2018-03-30 OGD 1 12Jeffrey WallaceRichard Coleman
GSP Club of America2017-05-09 OD 3 5Bob ErbeRichard Walters
Heart of America GSP Club2017-03-31 OD 3 12Kim AmendTom Amend
Sunflower GSP Club2016-10-14 AWP 2 6Brooks CarmichaelThomas Wynn
Heart of America GSP Club2016-09-30 OP 3 6Don KimbleMike Martin
GSP Club of Nebraska2016-09-22 OP 1 14Stephen HetmanekMargo Bailey
GSP Club of Nebraska2016-05-14 OP 2 13Jim Douglass JRStephen Hetmanek