Windswepts Rolling Stone

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Windswepts Rolling Stone

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR35256802
Owner(s) H Duffy


Hudson Valley Brittany Club2007-09-01 AWD 1 8Judy KiracofeShan Wessels
Hudson Valley Brittany Club2007-09-01 OD 2 8Ralph KiracofeJohn Kline
Hudson Valley GSP Club2007-06-01 AWP 4 10Dave O'BrienBill Monk
Hudson Valley GSP Club2007-06-01 AWD 3 16Dave O'BrienBill Monk
Southern New England Brittany Club2007-05-26 OD 3 15Susan DeSilverTed Swierczynski
Eastern New England Brittany Club2007-05-12 OD 3 10Virginia PrattJoseph Wessling
Pointer Associates of New England2007-04-27 AWP 3 10Calvin WelchKeith Culver
Pointer Associates of New England2007-04-27 OP 1 13Richard MurphyRichard Garini
Pointer Associates of New England2007-04-27 AWD 3 11Calvin WelchKeith Culver
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2007-04-20 AWP 2 10Mitchell SwierczynskiDebra Goodie
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2007-04-20 OP 3 5Debra FreidusRobert Vaulding
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2007-04-20 OD 2 10Mitchell SwierczynskiAllen Welch