Up N'Adam's Born Free

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Up N'Adam's Born Free

AKC Number SR91806303
Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
Owner(s) K Tazza/K McConnor
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TarTan Gordon Setter Club2018-10-27 ALGD 1 7Charles SchaefferT Boscardin
TarTan Gordon Setter Club2018-10-27 OLGD 3 9Audra JaconettiJeffrey Currier
Central New England Brittany Club2018-06-01 OGD 3 12Douglas WelshP Davis
Central New England Brittany Club2018-06-01 OAA 2 5Andrew CampbellP Davis
Central New England Brittany Club2018-06-01 OLGD 3 8Edward Kostka JRDouglas Welsh
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2018-04-27 AGD 2 19Ken KohlesP Davis
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2018-04-27 OGD 2 18Allen WelchLaura Miller
TarTan Gordon Setter Club2018-04-14 AGD 2 14Richard FrawleyMarisa Fowler
GSP Club of Michigan2017-05-13 OD 2 10Thomas FrederickSusan Daum
Hudson Valley GSP Club2017-03-31 AWD 3 8Frank CavalieriCory Roy
Southern Maryland English Setter Club2017-02-18 OD 3 6Lance FargoFrank Luksa
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2016-12-10 AWP 1 8Thomas GeorgeKimberly Eaton
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club2016-12-10 OP 1 8Thomas GeorgeDave O'Brien
Nutmeg GSP Club2016-11-11 AWP 1 5John PolandRichard Frawley
Nutmeg GSP Club2016-11-11 OP 2 10Richard FrawleyThomas George
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2016-11-05 AWP 2 5Ellen CavallaBrent Rupnow
Eastern GSP Club, Inc.2016-11-05 OP 1 7Dean BrowningMr. J C Buchanan
Southern New England Brittany Club2016-10-07 OP 3 5John PolandCory Roy


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