Dry Hollow's Sweet Sadie Mae

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Dry Hollow's Sweet Sadie Mae

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR93690404
Owner(s) R Woodward


GSP Club of Atlanta2020-01-09 AGD 3 29Bill BrentPhil Hearne
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-11-16 OD 1 9Earl FowlsAline Scharpf
Carolinas Pointing Dog Association2017-02-25 OP 3 7Cindy PescodTom Pescod
Carolinas Pointing Dog Association2017-02-25 OD 4 9Fred LowryDoug Miller
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-02-02 AWP 4 8Jeffrey CravenJohn Houghton
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-02-02 AWD 2 10Earl FowlsJosh Holden
Carolinas Pointing Dog Association2017-01-20 AWP 2 7Phil HearneDoug Miller
Carolinas Pointing Dog Association2017-01-20 OD 2 13Phil HearneDoug Miller
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-01-12 AWD 3 11Scott BodenstabJeffrey Craven
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-01-12 OD 4 20Scott BodenstabMelissa Thomas
GSP Club of Atlanta2017-01-12 AWP 2 10B CollerJosh Holden
Mid Florida Brittany Club2016-12-08 OP 1 6Jay L HallaronJim Carter
GSP Club of Atlanta2016-11-17 AWP 2 8Earl FowlsMelissa Thomas
GSP Club of Atlanta2016-11-17 OP 3 4Cindy PescodJeffrey Craven