GCH CH Annian's Gone With The Wind

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GCH CH Annian's Gone With The Wind

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SR40249503
Owner(s) V Mcarthur/C McArthur/S TOWNE


North Florida GSP Club2017-03-24 AGD 2 6Jean MatmorTammy Richmond
Vizsla Club of Metro Atlanta2016-11-25 AGD 3 4Paul HermesDarcy DuVal
North Florida GSP Club2016-11-11 OGD 4 16Rebecca JacobsJean Matmor
Central Florida GSP Club2015-12-11 AGD 4 14Stephanie KleinmanTammy Richmond
Central Florida GSP Club2015-01-23 AGD 3 5Belinda L DeLabyMary Wilson
Central Florida GSP Club2015-01-23 OGD 3 4Belinda L DeLabyMary Wilson
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2014-03-28 ALGD 2 12Jean MatmorJan Erbe
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2014-02-14 OLGD 4 14Susan WallacePaul Hermes
Tomoka Woods Pointing Breed Dog Club of Florida2014-02-01 OGD 3 10D EntlerMarti Fontenot
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2014-01-03 AGD 2 15Jean MatmorTania Campbell
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2014-01-03 ALGD 4 19Jessie RuelaJoe Ruela
Central Florida GSP Club2013-12-14 AGD 2 11Bob ErbeJan Erbe
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2009-02-13 AWD 4 12Adele NeupertMarcia Schlesinger
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2008-12-05 AWD 2 20Laura BaumanCarl Checklick
Central Florida GSP Club2008-11-01 OD 4 10Leonard HuttoPeep Stevens
Mid Florida Brittany Club2008-10-10 AWD 3 10Wayne JamesWilliam Bhame
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2008-03-28 AWD 4 12Don BonnicePam Stuart
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2008-02-15 AWP 2 11Diane FazioWilliam Abbey
South Louisiana Vizsla Club2008-02-01 AWP 4 9Jean MatmorPam Stuart
North Florida GSP Club2008-01-19 AWP 4 16Don BonniceWayne James
North Florida GSP Club2008-01-19 OP 1 14Don BonniceWayne James
North Florida GSP Club2008-01-19 AWD 4 14Don BonniceWayne James
North Florida GSP Club2007-12-01 AWP 1 5Sherry EbertBeth Chandler