FC Jandal's Perfect Merger

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FC Jandal's Perfect Merger

Breed German Shorthaired Pointer
AKC Number SR88822502
Owner(s) J Price


Florida Panhandle GSP Club2019-03-08 ALGD 1 10Earl FowlsL Johnson
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2018-12-30 AGD 2 18Rodney AlbinRick Hopkins
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2018-12-29 AGD 2 13Stan NobleRick Hopkins
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2018-11-29 AGD 4 9Rodney AlbinBill Monk
GSP Club of Oklahoma2018-11-03 AGD 4 11Trasa ShinpochThomas Wynn
Buckeye GSP Club2018-10-06 OGD 1 17Dennis BakerEric Gildow
GSP Club of Oklahoma2018-02-17 AGD 3 13Trasa ShinpochThomas Wynn
Lone Star GSP Club2018-01-11 OGD 3 14Dave VogelsangK Tomlinson
Gordon Setter Club of America, Inc.2017-12-09 OGD 1 13Frank WattersM Mays
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2017-12-02 AGD 1 18Rick HopkinsArthur Terstage
GSP Club of Middle Tennessee2017-11-30 OGD 2 10Arthur TerstageBill Monk
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2017-11-18 AGD 1 10Frank WattersTania Campbell
Kentuckiana Pointing Breeds Association2017-11-18 OGD 3 10Richard J MillerMike Heller