Valley Hunter Quintessa Of The Valley

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Valley Hunter Quintessa Of The Valley

Breed Vizsla
AKC Number SR98067005
Owner(s) J DiVincenzo-Alonzo


Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2019-02-15 OD 1 6Jean MatmorPaul Hermes
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2019-01-04 OD 4 5Jan ErbeTammy Richmond
North Florida GSP Club2018-11-02 AWD 1 8Tammy RichmondT Bass
North Florida GSP Club2018-03-31 AWP 2 6Jean MatmorR Donohue
Mid Florida Brittany Club2018-02-23 OP 4 15Rick HopkinsTom Hagan
Tampa Bay Vizsla Club2018-02-16 OP 3 10P HartPaul Hermes